Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Seriously - it's 3AM!

And I am obviously not sleeping. No idea why, really, but I did actually sleep for about an hour and then came down to the basement to work on some more stuff for my newest venture...!

Yeah, I launched a super cool new website that many of you already know about. If you don't, well go check it out so this 3AM post isn't fruitless! It's loaded with some sweet and inexpensive gadgets that ship to your door with no shipping charges! I know, it's like Christmas and yer birfday just collided! Maybe something to ponder for Father's Day? Does dad need a new pen, or MP3 player, or both stuck together? HA! Well, the Evil Monkey can hook you up and even throw an FM tuner in that bad thing!

Also, the fine artist Derek Knight drew the killer logo, and we stuck it on a bunch of stuff.

Like yer working...

Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm a Loser, and So Are the Chargers!

Or, at least, I'm trying to be.

Thank GOD for my co-workers organizing a Biggest Loser competition at the office, because I needed this big time.

Look, I joined LA Weight Loss a little over 4 years ago and learned how to eat properly. Good food choices, correct portion sizes, how often, how much, etc. Apparently it didn't take me long to forget it all, because just a year or two later the 40 pounds I lost pretty much all came back. I even started pretty good last year, losing 10 quickly, but just fattening back up to my jelly self.

This year, my boss started a Biggest Loser competition at the office and I opted in ($50 buy-in). After week one, I gained almost a pound, and then I got pissed. Hey, I'm proud of the others for losing the first week, and not everyone remembered to weigh in, but I was the only one that gained that week. Well, of the people that weighed in, I was the only one that gained. In my typical fashion, I made light of it by replying to all on the contest update email by saying, “Oh, we're supposed to go the OTHER way! Got it!” But deep down, I was pissed. And I knew exactly why I was up, and it was simply horrendous choices over the weekend. I swear I lost 2-3 pounds during the week, but made a gluttonous spectacle of myself in a mere 2-3 days. That blew it all.

I think I've got this figured out again, and I am determined to stay on track and hit my goal! I'm making the right choices, getting a little exercise in, and being inspired by simply wanting to compete and get my money back. Besides, I work with really good people. Despite a few days of rib-nudging “sabotage” (OK, so I brought in 3 boxes of Tasty Kakes and threw them on other people's desks), we are starting to push each other, help each other, support each other, share some ideas about what to eat, walk together (thanks, Pouxie!), and even piss each other off enough after a good week to want to try harder. Hey, worked for me after week 1, because I'm now down 5 pounds after week 2. 35 to go!

We headed up to Fort Collins to have dinner with our CiCi right in the middle of the Chargers v Jets game. It was only 7-0 Chargers, and I thought, “Looks like a typical top 4 playoff for the Super Bowl.” I was DELIGHTED with the outcome, mostly because Philip Rivers is a prick. Really. Love to see pain on his face more than I love to see it on Jay Cutler's. And for a team led by a rookie QB to go into SD and break the Charger's 11 game win streak? Comical!

Yes, I predicted an Eagles-Chargers Super Bowl, but I don't care that I was wrong. I simply want to see New Orleans and Indy since they were clearly the best teams this season.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Let's Talk Sports!

Yep, I'm a little pissed at the Broncos. Maybe more disappointed than pissed really... Look, I expected them to go 4-12 at best this year, then they teased me with a 6-0 start. You can't do that and finish the season 2-8 with home losses to rank Raiduhs and crap Chefs teams. We expected playoffs this year after that start, but we went down like a Mexican whore at Mardi Gras after the break. Not to over analyze, but here are a few things:

The draft – where does it make sense to trade next year's first round pick to move up in the second round this year? Really? And Orton was “solid” for most of the season, but how nice would it be to have 2 more first round picks this year to move up and get a QB to build this team around? Because Simms proved he's not the answer. Or maybe we groom Brandstater and trade up for that stud Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska to plug up the middle on defense? Just thinking out loud here...

The defense – OK, we were much improved here at the beginning of the season. But we went from giving up 11 points per game in that fun little 6-0 start to giving up 26 points per game while going 2-8. No real injuries to point at, so... WTF happened???

Discipline – Sure, nobody is bigger than the team. But suspending your all-pro WR and damn awesome but underutilized TE when the playoffs are on the line for no real reason? I don't get it. Is it true that nobody is bigger than the team, or is it just the PLAYERS that aren't bigger than the team? Looks like Coach Mac thinks he's bigger than anyone. Must be the hoodie.

With that said, I say Packers and effing Chargers play for the title. Hate the Chargers, but I have a weird feeling the bastards are about to take it all. DAMMIT!

Winter time means I don't care about baseball. Wait... I don't care about baseball in the summer either!

What about the NBA you ask? I've completely given up on basketball all together for a few reasons. First, the players are babies and thugs that can pretty much get away with murder no matter how stern Stern is. Gilbert Arenas will be made an example of, with good reason! He first had guns in his locker, then Tweeted about it in jest, and then made handgun hand jesters to his teammates before a game. So what can the commissioner really do that will change anyone's actions in the future? Nothing – sorry. Second, I can't take the refs. Pathetic isn't harsh enough to describe the way games are called. I want to watch athletes play basketball, not old bald men bringing games to a screeching halt by making ticky-tack calls to get their ugly mug on TV.

However, I am pretty pumped to watch some hockey now because I really don't care much about the NFL playoffs when my team isn't there. Besides, hockey players are the most amazing athletes on earth. Plus, the majority of them are humble, dedicated, family-oriented, down-to-earth guys. And how many do you hear about that are in trouble with the law? Name one that was busted with pot, or guns, or has 8 kids all with different moms...

Oh, and spring means lacrosse season! YAY!!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Resolutions for 2010 and Honoring 2009!

Yep, I'm a few days late...


Write more and more and more...
Get my Evil Monkey Gadgets web site up, running and profitable.
No more fast food. Really. Ever.
Exercise? Guh – yes. Finding time with a toddler is difficult, but maybe Katy and I can work out some compromise in the evenings.
Get to Freak Train more often. I love that place, and I have too many ideas to stay away, including some guest appearances (human, not puppet).
Play my guitar more.
Take this boy out to fly a kite.

Honoring 2009:

Honor Brittany Murphy by watching Drop Dead Gorgeous over and over again.
Honor Tiger Woods by playing golf at least once this year, not by banging a Perkins hostess. I mean, really? At least it wasn't a Denny's...
Learn to moon walk better.
Completely give up on the NBA. Finally.
Have pictures taken with my hair feathered and hard nipples showing and selling them as posters.
No longer putting baby in the corner.
When I'm driving and not sure if I should turn or not, then I make up my mind and say, “I think I'll just go straight,” only to see a sign that says, “No U Turn,” so I turn... (Good luck with that one)
Play my guitar a lot more.
Watch at least one John Hughes movie every month – shouldn't be difficult to do at ALL!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Here We Go Again!

It's the beginning of the year, and yet again I am about to post on my blog. I usually sit there and SWEAR that I'm going to commit to writing more and posting on a regular or semi-regular basis. But then there's this FaceBook thing that keeps getting in the way. Will I post more often? Maybe. Does anyone really care? Probably not. Can I keep asking myself questions only to vaguely answer them in the following sentence? Stay tuned!

Ah, the FaceBook thing. So easy and addictive. It's an amazing little creation that has helped me find people I never thought I'd hear from again. Funny how annoyed I get when their chat is slow and funky and pictures don't upload perfectly. So spoiled! It's also forced a few connections that I have politically accepted. Is that wrong? OK, I won't answer that one. But I love the stupid site and I love posting pictures of that awesome little boy of mine, which is why those pictures are all on FaceBook and not on the blog.

A little more reflection... I am a bit concerned about some of my friends being unemployed, and I'd love to do anything I can to help. Honestly. I've been through layoffs quite a bit and it's very painful and frustrating. I've also met and caught up with some great people this year who are in business for themselves, and I'd like to remind you over and over to support them when and if you can. We're all just trying to survive right now, ya know? So...

Pam de Jong was just let go from the same employer that dumped Katy in June. However, Pam has a few little side businesses that might be of interest. She put together a great little travel site in case you want to get away: She also does “those” parties, so check out

Did I mention “those” parties? Amazing I know more than one person that does this, so if you're more of a slumber party girl than a passion party girl, enter Marne Lowell. She is a friend from way back in high school who lives about 3 miles from me RIGHT NOW yet I never see here – ever – not even at DazBog or slumming at Wal-Mart. Anyway, you can see her dirty stuff here:

Here's a segue for ya: need your carpet cleaned? Again, ironically, I know 2 carpet cleaners! Brian Moss and I used to jam together in high school, and he owns Castle Rock Carpet Care. Also, Scott Cox is the president of The Springs Carpet and Tile Care, and has cleaned our carpets before – in other words, he's not tied to the Springs. You can find Scott at

Michelle Peterson and I met through a mutual friend, and Michelle is a great person. Not only that, but she has an artistic flair that is pretty amazing! She makes jewelry and vases with glass, and you can see some of her stuff at

Hungry for a cupcake? Why not make it a gourmet cupcake made by one of my co-workers, Jenny Dumala? Jenny is very creative and makes awesome cupcakes, which I know from scarfing down. You can see her designs and contact her at

It may be early in the year, but it's late in the evening so I am going to call it. I am just scratching the surface here, so please don't be offended if I “missed” you. In fact, tell me if I missed you! Look, we're all just trying to get by and support ourselves and our families, or possibly just trying to follow a dream. Why not try to give each other a lift?
Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!