Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wrong For Children...

For those of you NOT on Facebook, here is my latest Freak Train performance. It's a story about a purple duck named Paul. Although it sounds like it's for children, it most certainly is not!

As always, thanks to the lovely and talented Dejo for recording and uploading!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Um, Who is That Again?

And the Denver Broncos have a new coach! YAY - it's some young kid I never really heard of! So I'm not jumping for joy!!!

OK, I'll give Josh McDaniels credit for running a record-setting offense on a NEARLY perfect team, and coaching a nobody quarterback to an 11-5 record, and learning from a dynastic franchise with some killer co-worker coaches... However, the last 3 coaches to leave the Pats have not exactly been awesome. 2 were just fired, and one is on thin ice. Is McJuvenile different? I mean, we (collectively, Colorado) all knew we needed help on defense. Dude is an offensive stud. Why not Leslie Frazier, the former Chicago Bear and current defensive coordinator of the Vikings? Or defensive coordinator for the Giants that EVERYONE is after, Steve Spagnuolo?

Apparently, I don't know nearly as much about this team as their billionaire owner. Plus, I didn't interview these guys myself, so I can't say dinky-doo...Until he fails. Will he though? I guess the Broncos' defense can give up an average of 28 points per game next year as long as the offense consistently scores 40. That can happen, right?

Hopefully the new whiz kid can attract some defensive stud coaches, because ANOTHER defensive coordinator is exactly what we need - the last 4 in 4 years sucked.

There is hope, and there could be a future, but I'm not exactly sitting here shouting, "YES! That's EXACTLY who I was hoping for!!'
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