Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do Your Part

I'm not political - I stay away as much as possible.  However, while I was scrolling through some comments by people on AOL about some random political articles, well, it scared the crap out of me.

Americans are effing stupid.


Look, there's an election coming up here and there is a TON of misinformation on both candidates.  The Internet is an evil tool where any complete moron can post whatever they want.  Shut up!  But I feel like I needed to post this because, well, I am very middle-of-the-road and felt like speaking out.

I want to say this: don't let anyone influence your opinion!  Both candidates have their OWN website where you can read what their beliefs and ideas are on how they want to run this country.  Do your research.  Don't listen to the radicals on the radio, and don't read some buffoon's 1-sided opinion.  The only people who get attention in the media are the extremists, and they don't represent 99% of the population.  So why do they get the press?

Just do me a favor and make up your own mind.  Watch the speeches from the conventions, watch the debates, and go out and vote for who YOU agree with the most.  I know we all have a short attention span these days, but tough crap - pay attention, read and do some homework!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Politically Correct - Historically, um, NOT!

Suddenly, Ernie Davis is famous again.  Remember him?  Not many people do, because he's, well, dead and stuff.  However, he was famous for being the first black man to win the Heisman Trophy.  I hate having to say "first black man to..." because it draws lines, but it did happen in 1959 so I won't argue that it was significant.

Ernie died just 4 years later of leukemia before he played a down for the Browns, and has recently been memorialized twice!  A film about Ernie called The Express is coming out in October, and a statue was unveiled at Syracuse University last week.  Great news about the film - I'm sure it will be very inspirational for many people of all races.  Now the statue - that's another story.

Don't get me wrong - it's great that one was created in his honor.  But have you seen it?  Let's take a look at 2 pictures:

Yep - I'm starting at the foot.  Look closely - that's a Nike cleat!  Nike did not exist until 1972!

The cleat seems to be the big issue among bloggers, Sports Illustrated, ESPN...  They are missing one other thing - picture #2:

Are you looking at the helmet?  Does it look like it's from the late 50's to you?  Ernie Davis wore a simple, 2-bar mask.  That facemask didn't come out until at least the 80's, maybe later!

How much did this artist get paid to create this statue?  What's next - Hitler wearing Emo skinny jeans?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Sorry

Yes, I'm apologizing in advance for this video my nephew sent me,  If you aren't laughing inside a minute, well you might have issues:


Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Little Disappointed...

You know me - I love SNL. Really, watch it every week, tell my friends and co-workers about it, record it, save it to show other people who never come to my house, are you getting this???

So this/last weekend was the season premier, and I couldn't wait to see what these great writers came up with over the summer, because the talent and writing has been getting better recently. I know it immediately went down after Tina Fey left, but they were picking things up and getting 2-4 decent sketches each week. OK, mostly I have a huge thing for Kristen Wiig as she is the most talented person to star (yes, star) on that show in years. And they started the show out with a BANG!

Anyone who has seen a newspaper or turned on a TV in the last month knows who Sarah Palin is, and her stunning resemblance to Tina Fey. Naturally, Lorne Michaels brought back Fey as Palin and teamed her up with Amy Poehler as Hilary for a laugh-out-loud intro to the season. And it was pretty much downhill from there.

The host was Olympic champion Micheal Phelps, which means horrendous overacting and painful skits. Athletes should not host this show - period. Sure, every now and then you get one who can actually be a little funny and not so uncomfortable, but that is VERY rare. Phelps did not fall in to that category. Can't they use an ACTOR as the host and maybe give Phelps a cameo instead of cameos by William Shatner and Fey? That's backasswards to me.

After getting past the awkward monologue, SNL threw a few lame and recycled skits at us, which kind of pissed me off. The entire summer and we're rehashing the coach dancing to Herb Alpert? Literally an identical skit to when Peyton Manning was on the show. And I loved the original skit with the awkward twins, but trying to bring it back with Phelps as Wiig's cousin was, well, pathetic.

Andy Samberg gave us a painful digital short that was effect heavy, but short on comedy. Lil' Wayne made an ass out of himself with his pants literally falling off his ass, and Jared Vogel (Subway) added pretty much nothing to a skit ripping on how many calories Phelps consumes.

I was left feeling a little ripped off for waiting for this show all summer. Note to Michaels: actors and MUSICIANS would be nice. Forget the atheletes, forget the rap and lip-synching teen crap, and let's put a show together. Have some hot young actor like Michael Cera host the season premier, since he's got a new movie just weeks away. Reward some of the college radio bands that are on the verge, like you did once last season with Vampire Weekend. I'm still trying to forgive you for allowing Ashley Simpson on the show twice in one season. WTF was that? Oh, and how about some, ya know, original skits and recurring characters that actually SHOULD be brought back, not ones that only work with a specific host. How about 2 a-holes take swimming lessons skit when Phelps is your host? The only character that they brought back that I did like was political comedian Nicholas Fehn, played by Fred Armisen - I could watch that schtick all freakin' day!

I'll keep watching, because I'm hooked on Armisen and Wiig. But this show needs to get sharper very quickly - that was not a premier worth the hype.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Meanwhile, at the Mall...

I'm not really a mall guy. I mean, I don't mind shopping and all, but crowds of people bug me. Seriously. But we were on a mission Sunday to find my wifey some boots, so we braved the crowd at Park Meadows and OH MY GOD the sights we saw!

Kids: Emo kids with ironed hair and skinny red jeans. Um, I don't get it. These kids are going to look back at pictures from now like I do when I see me in OP shorts with my boxers hanging out and tube socks pulled up all the way. Then there were powder jackets... I also saw a bigger kid dressed all street/ghetto. Big dumb white kid with his sideways cap, oversized shirts, jeans hanging down under his butt, walking with a limp as if his hand can barely keep his junk in line. Highlands Ranch kids are SO ghetto! Let me just say, if your mommy bought you a $42K Saab for your 16th birthday, you're hardly gangsta. Learn how to wear a hat and try to walk upright.

Brush with the law: We were checking out the new Borders store when my lovely wife accidentally bumped into an older black man. She quickly apologized, and he responded with, "do it again and it will cost you $500." Half laughing, because she honestly thought he was kidding, she informed the man he was barking up the wrong tree. He responded with, "whatever, rich white lady." Now, I'll admit, she was wearing her best Target bought clothes and all, but SERIOUSLY! Also, I fully understand that there are no boots at Borders, but there are Dr. Seuss books!

WTF are you wearing: Just because we're not swimming in money doesn't mean the dude in Borders was far off Target (pun intended!) with many people at the mall. Park Meadows mall is one of the best places to people watch, well, EVER because of the insanely rich idiots walking through. There was one woman in her 50's with a denim skirt so short you could tell what religion she is - really. It's not like she had knockout legs or anything, but this thing barely covered her whoo-whoo! Was she TRYING to scare children? Then there was another woman about the same age with big ol' fakies in a halter top, white Capri cargo pants with a sequin thong blatantly sticking out of the back - literally made me burst out laughing! I wonder if her $15K boobs could somehow make a difference elsewhere, like buying books for inner-city kids who don't have anything to read, or making a donation to the Food Bank of the Rockies where $1 buys 4 meals. Do the math - that's 60,000 meals for people on the streets who are down on their luck. But that's OK, as long as this woman has her self esteem...

Unfortunately, mission not accomplished, but entertainment values were very high!
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