Monday, January 21, 2008

28 Days Later...

I know - Christmas was, like, 4 weeks ago. But I finally got around to loading the pictures off of our camera, so...

You know the drill - click 'em and they grow like the point spread for the Super Bowl...

It's our first traditional Christmas waffle breakfast!

I wanna open presents, Momma!

Cici got some tockies! Or, um, Alysse got socks, so...

Ooo - Tums!

A new toy for the Monkin!

Uwe wants to open presents too!


Slippers! Not stinky yet, but soon!

Luc gets an ornament with his name on it! This was an unbelievably thoughtful gift from my co-worker, Meredith in our Florida office! Thank you SO much!!!

Read to me, Cici!

YAY! Now I can listen to my iPod in the car!

Katy gets enough stink-pretty stuff to last a very long time!

What did I get, Cici?

New PJ's!

YAY for Sudoku!

Katy gets a phone we already have with a bunch of eyes drawn on the box...

Inside the box is a class to learn how to use an iPhone, something she wants for her birthday...

Wait - IT'S AN IPHONE!!! Someone must have been a good girl this year!

Our first Christmas with Luc.

I'm worn out! Need to nap with my Penguino before we go to Nana's.

YAY for Nana's!

Nana looks on as Uncle John checks out his new boots.

Luc gets a bean bag chair with his name on it!

Our little gift!

Back home! I can look at this picture for hours!

Look how fast I can bang on my new boom box!

Time for night-night in my new PJ's.

I know I posted horsey pics already, but come on!

The rest of these are from our second Christmas celebration at Nanny's (my mom, as Nana is Katy's mom - the kid will be confused) from the first of the year...

Claire and Danny and their elephant gift cards!

The two most beautiful babies ever!

Arie gets a, um, stick?

You gotta know when to hold 'em - KNOW WHEN TO FOLLLDDD 'EM!

Arie tests his dad's beard.

I'm gonna pay for posting this pic - I kind of snuck up on my dad here.
Don't worry, I'll make an ass of myself soon enough...

Arie gets a hand-knitted lid from his Aunt Cynthia!

Just so cute!

Danny loves this new piece of fabric!

Alysse attempts to break into her gag-gift from Uncle Tony.

IT'S... One of those!

See? I told you I'd make an ass out of myself!
Somehow Katy isn't running away screaming!

YAY! We're not afraid of Uncle Rich anymore!

My brother Tony in disbelief over my gift to him - a full sheet
of Wacky Pack stickers from 1979!

Cynthia's gag-gift to us - a Santa and Mrs. Claus tree with our faces attached.

The girls: Michele, Katy, Rachel, Claire and Cynthia.

Thanks for looking - see you again soon!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Inspiration for Next Year?

The PAFC Pick 'Em 2007 contest has come to a close! I got a little generous this year.

You see, only the top 4 people were supposed to get prizes, but then I had two people tied for 2nd and two more people tied for 4th, so here's what I did.

BOTH 2nd place finishers got the 2nd place prize, and BOTH 4th place finishers got the 3rd place prize - that means the 6th place dude got the 4th place prize - and some!

Take a look so you'll be inspired to play, or play better next year!

Click the pics for a bigger and better view!

6th Place:
Jim won himself Great Covers Vol. 1 and a Pocket Pro helmet of his choice - that would be the Dallas Cowboys!

4th Place:
Mike won Great Covers Vol. 1 & 2, a Pocket Pro helmet of his choice (the Denver Broncos), & a PAFC football mug with his name on it!

4th Place:
Loren won Great Covers Vol. 1 & 2, a Pocket Pro helmet of his choice (the Dallas Cowboys), & a PAFC football mug with his name on it!

2nd Place:
Geoff won Great Covers Vol. 1, 2 & 3, a Micro helmet of his choice (the Denver Broncos), & a large PAFC football mug with his name on it!

2nd Place:
Morgan won Great Covers Vol. 1, 2 & 3, a Micro helmet of her choice (the Chicago Bears), & a large PAFC football mug with her name on it!

1st Place:
Dejo won Great Covers Vol. 1, 2, 3 & 4, a Mini helmet of his choice (the Edmonton Eskimos), & a PAFC football stein declaring him as the 2007 PAFC Pick 'Em CHAMPION!!!

For all that played - thanks for playing! Also, a big thanks to Derek for creating the cool image for the mug! He gave me that gift to use as a banner for my blog last year. He's a stud, I tell ya!

I hope you had fun and will join me next year. I mean, who else would give away THESE kind of prizes in a FREE football pool? Am I high?
Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!