Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Ya Sonsa-

Click the pics and they GROW!

It's me as the Swedish Chef, Katy as a Mom Witch and Luc the Monkey!

Um, Luc the MONKEY!

Mom Witch and her little Monkey!

And now, Derek Knight as the Spooky Singing Ghost:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Pics o the Boy!

Look what I can do!

Cool, man...

Punkin in the punkins!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK, Maybe Not!

I was going to perform this week, but it just ain't gonna happen!

First, the open mic night at Java Guru, which is supposed to take place on the last Friday of the month (10/26), has been moved to 11/2. So that's still a maybe.

Second, Freak Train has a few issues: A) MNF with Broncos and Pack, and possible (please) Rox game on the same night. B) I simply am not ready. I could have been ready if the punk kid at Music Go Round didn't lie to me on the phone when I called looking for a used hi-hat stand. He claimed they had 2 in stock starting around $25. So I drive all the way from C-Rock to Aurora for...NOTHING! They had NOTHING in stock! A 50-minute drive for nothing! An apology? No, just dumb-founded idiots!

So, for anyone living in the Denver metro area, STAY AWAY FROM MUSIC GO ROUND! It doesn't matter what used gear they carry, go somewhere - anywhere else!

Now that I got that off my chest, Freak Train FOR SURE in November - with FOUR effing puppets! That's right!

Happy Halloween, ya bunch of freaks!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall TV - Nerds RULE!

OK, I swear to write about something other than Beauty & the Geek...

No, really - it's all about the nerds this season, at least for me it is. Here's what we're watching/DVRing:

  • Desperate Housewives - still trying to recapture their magic from season one, the show is better than last year, but not quite as entertaining as the first season.

  • Family Guy - just because, ya know, it's there.

  • Chuck - I have to admit, I hated the print ads for this show. If I had to look at Chuck with that stupid, "What? I'm just an average nerd who doesn't know what's happening to me!" look, I was gonna puke. Then I watched the show and just fell in love with it. Great characters all around, and it's executive produced by McG (Charlie's Angels) who loves a good, hot cat fight - every week! The show is well done all around, and I get a kick out of the play on Best Buy's Geek Squad with Buy More's Nerd Herd.

  • How I Met Your Mother - still a fun show, mostly because of Barney!

  • Big Bang Theory - a fun new sitcom full of more nerds. Two brainiacs (I stole that from their website!) have a new, hot neighbor across the hall and one brainiac thinks he's got a shot. No matter what, their buddy Howard (Simon Helberg from Studio 60) absolutely steals the show. Good stuff!

  • Heroes - 'nuff said!

  • Rules of Engagement - OK, I'm in love with Megyn Price and I'm not afraid to admit it! Besides, Patrick Warburton is pretty entertaining as well with his signature delivery.

  • Journeyman - so far, not bad. There are some interesting twists each week and you never feel like you've got it all figured out. The acting isn't great, but the plot makes up for it.

  • CSI: Miami - the only CSI I still care about.

  • Beauty & the Geek - shuddap - there's nothing else on!

  • Reaper - more nerds doing the Devil's work. They had me when they used a song by !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) in the pilot.

  • Um, did I just say I was watching 2 CW shows? Wow!

  • House - still pretty interesting, but too many cast members now.

  • Pushing Daisies - quirky and a little off, and includes another nerd! Anyway, maybe there is a point to bringing people back to life simply to touch them back to death within a minute. Um...

  • Private Practice - this is my wife's actually. I have watched the show with her, and it's OK. Not great, but she enjoys it. We both agree that the creators of Grey's Anatomy are stretching themselves thin on both shows and it, well, shows in the dialogue.

  • Criminal Minds - gave it up because 1) it was too gruesome and 2) Mandy left the show.

  • Bionic Woman - started to watch it, and appreciate the plot, but the dialogue is written by a 3rd grader, who is NOT smarter than a 5th grader, so, um, no.

  • Kitchen Nightmares - scar, and I don't have room for it.

  • Dirty, Sexy Money - YES! This is a pretty fun dramedy with just about anything you could ask for. Peter Krause ROCKS!

  • Ugly Betty - gave it up. Liked it, but didn't absolutely love it.

  • My Name is Earl - still cracks me up. Car spoon!

  • 30 Rock - another of the few great sitcoms.

  • Grey's Anatomy - again, my wife's show. Her theory is that once you hit the top, there's nowhere to go but down. She still appreciates the show, but thinks they are losing it just a little.

  • The Office - gets bigger and better every week - that's what she said.

So that's about it! We just use Friday to get caught up on everything we recorded. Oh, and I'm still addicted to SNL.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Can I Be Frank?

I wish!

For those of you who have been watching any post-season baseball on TBS*, you've probably seen ads for a new show called Frank TV. This show stars a comedian named Frank Caliendo, who is a darned good impersonator. The promos for his new series show him impersonating people like John Madden, George W., Al Pacino, etc. Anywho, as you may or may not have seen, I've been doing an impression of Jerry Seinfeld at the age of 5** - twice at Freak Train***. The clip is on You Tube, and, um, I've got the link around here somewhere... Hang on a second, THER- no, ummm, ah-HA - HERE IT IS! So, you can watch if you want, or not, but I'd like you to at least look at the comments section - people are actually comparing me to this Frank guy! His link will probably be just to the right of my video so you can check him out as well. Anyway, I think my impression is pretty good, so he needs to invite me on his show and we can do duelling Jerrys on his show!

I feel like I'm a tearful "Leave Owen Wilson ALONE" rant away from my own reality show!


*The disappointment in the voices of the TBS broadcasters after learning the NLCS would feature two NL West teams was absolutely pathetic. Forget promoting the Cinderella run of the Rockies, or the fact that BOTH the Rox and the D-Backs were not good teams last year (NL West basement dwellers at 76-86) and have been able to turn things around this season. Hell, these idiots on TBS have no clue who any of these players are, and weren't even trying to figure it out - they all assumed their presence was a mistake that would be taken care of by the end of the first round! I know for a fact that all their announcers predicted the Phillies would beat the Rox, but our boys swept the cheesesteak eating bastards! HA! Deal with THAT, Cal Ripken Jr.!!!

**This impression just might happen again, with even MORE impressions to follow, at the next open-mic night at Java Guru in C-Rock (Friday, October 26th).

***Yeah, I repeated a skit! Why? Well, because I didn't record it the first time. Unfortunately, the first one was better than this recorded one. Maybe I was nervous because I was being recorded, or maybe I just pushed a few jokes too hard. Regardless, this isn't the best delivery of this routine. Oh, speaking of Freak Train, puppets will return to Freak Train on Monday, October 29th!
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