Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Derek Knight at Freak Train

Check out Derek's killer performance at Freat Train from Monday, 2/26/07:

Stay tuned for Pat Angello's performance coming soon!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Freak Train! Freak Train! Freak Train!

Be there! Be there! Be there!

I will!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Just Stop It Already!

Dear Old Guy Wearing the Bluetooth Headset,

Seriously? I know - technology is amazing, but...

You're out to dinner on a Friday night with another couple, you're probably in your late 50's, and you really think you need to keep that stupid thing stuck in your ear? WTF? Are you really that important? Because you kind of look like a farmer. Maybe you're waiting for that "Bessie's giving birth" emergency? If not, get that ridiculous looking thing out of your ear and pretend like you're interested in the people who took time out of their weekend to see you!

Kind regards,

Pat Angello

Thursday, February 08, 2007

That is IT!

Mostly because Purdy keeps whining about the shows I like, I decided to do a post about what’s good on TV. We’re gonna break it down by day, and then by category of “Must See” & “Worth the Effort” – essentially, stuff I can’t miss and stuff I enjoy but could live without seeing. Ready? OK!

Monday Must See:

24 – it’s like a decent movie that really has a non-stop pace. Sure the acting and logistics of how quickly they get around town are BS, but it’s still pretty fun and kinda scary in a way!
Heroes – my absolute favorite show on TV right now! I honestly can’t wait for it to come on each week and literally plan my day around it. Why do you think I skipped Freak Train last month?
Studio 60 – I was hooked from the beginning. Matthew Perry is actually a decent actor, and I’m just infatuated with the whole behind-the-scenes of a sketch comedy.

Monday Worth The Effort:

How I Met Your Mother – Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney character makes this show. Odd, since he plays a lady-killer and is actually gay in real life, not that there’s anything wrong with that!
The Class – this one had to grow on me, and it did after the blonde news anchor vanished. Good call, even though her blatantly gay husband was mildly entertaining. Still, the rest of the cast is decent and the writing has improved throughout the season.
Rules of Engagement – brand new, but hit some nerves for married folk! Letterman – HA! This reminds me, an engaged co-worker swore to me that his sex life wouldn’t change after he got married – I told him to just keep thinking that. Oh, almost forgot, this one stars the lovely Megyn Price!


Tuesday Must See:

House – that’s about it! Even though the show is a little formulaic, it’s still interesting to hear his goofy quips.

Tuesday Worth The Effort:

The Unit – although I haven’t seen it for a while, I did enjoy it last season quite a bit. Maybe I just like the old President Palmer?


Wednesday Must See:

Jericho – I really enjoy this show, and missing an episode wouldn’t exactly kill me, but I would be very disappointed.
Lost – OK, they got me! Missing an episode of this WOULD kill me!

Wednesday Worth The Effort:

Criminal Minds – this show can be a little violent and disturbing, but I do like me some Mandy Patinkin and Reid is kinda of a nerdy stud.
CSI: NY – I’m a little burnt out on these shows, mostly because they are getting so graphic, but ya gotta give it up for Sassy and Lt. Dan!


Thursday Must See:

My Name is Earl – Joy is a joy, and Catalina is, well, smokin’! Not to mention the brilliant white trash jokes that come from left field.
The Office – awkward and painful silence is sometimes comedy gold, Jerry! This show NEVER disappoints!

Thursday Worth The Effort:

Ugly Betty – a fun show, but if I miss it I certainly wouldn’t miss it.
Grey’s Anatomy – I don’t love it, but KT is addicted. I do find it entertaining, but I’m blogging as she watches it downstairs so…
Sarah Silverman Program – too early to make it a must see, but I really enjoy her sense of humor so bite me!
CSI – again, getting too graphic and disturbing.
30 Rock – the show has gotten better since the pilot, but maybe I was expecting too much. Still very funny, and Alec Baldwin’s character is very funny!


Friday Must See:

On Friday? Seriously!

Friday Worth The Effort:

Las Vegas – two words, Nikki Cox!
NUMB3RS – this show is also a little predictable, and we often make fun of his banal line, “if we use a formula/equation/quantum theory…” Blah, blah, blah!


Saturday & Sunday Must See:

SNL – I simply have to see it! Why? I don’t know! I love Kristen Wiig and her goofy characters, and it’s simply a tradition for me to watch or record it.
Desperate Housewives – this season is a bit off, but I still enjoy it and feel like I can’t miss an episode.

Saturday & Sunday Worth The Effort:

Family Guy – you know that line that most people never cross? Well Seth MacFarlane prides himself on crossing it! Case in point – last week when there was a car accident on the show and Peter said, “this is like that accident Matthew Broderick caused, except nobody died.” KT and I just close our eyes, bite our lips, shake our heads, and shamefully chuckle.


Well, that was pretty exciting! Out of season shows I enjoy are Reno 911 and South Park, though I never get to see them because I forget they are on.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Sarah Silverman Program

Comedy Central, Thursdays

Thank you, Comedy Central. Thank you for giving Sarah Silverman her own sitcom and letting her do damn near whatever she wants!

Sarah is so cute and has such a sweet smile, that it might be the irony of the filth that flows from it making her even funnier, or she just might be that brilliant. From the ridiculous opening song to the 3way t-shirt she wears at the end, Sarah simply killed me for 30 minutes tonight. She pulled out very bright ideas and spot-on sarcasm and left turn irony to make me literally laugh out loud, which never happens (ask my brother).

Because Comedy Central will show it a few more times this week (HERE is the schedule), I don’t want to give too much away. I will simply say that Sarah has gay neighbors and she has a standing date with her sister to watch a reality TV show called “Cookie Party.” In the first episode, someone gets in the way of that date and Sarah is bound to put an end to it.

I’m telling you right now to check that schedule and find time to either watch or DVR the program this week, because you absolutely should not miss it! 30-minutes of Sarah is just the right dose, and I can’t wait until next week!

Click HERE for a preview!


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