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God Help us All!

OK, when the TV writers went on strike, I was a little concerned - mostly for some new, good shows that might lose traction after half a season. But then I realized that horrendous game shows/reality shows would start to take over. Are you kidding me? American Gladiators is back? Crowned? Clash of the effing Choirs???

There is one good thing coming out of this - a new top 11 list! That's right!

I present to you, the Top 11 Reality Shows That Never Made It, But Now Will Because of the Writers Strike:

11) Sounds that Dad Makes
10) Ultimate Paint Drying!
9) Dwarf Tossing With The Stars
8) Are You Smarter than Paris Hilton?
7) Wig or Not a Wig?
6) Extreme Office Cube Makeover
5) Name That Nipple Slip
4) Retirement Home X-Games
3) Dude or Not a Dude?
2) What Would Lindsey Lohan Do?
1) Infant Challenge

Friday, December 14, 2007

eComedy - a Trip to Wal-Mart!

So, my wife and I went to Wal-Mart the other day...

Don't judge me! Wal-Mart is cheap, we have a kid now and it's the only place in town where you can get apples, a power tool and live goldfish all under one roof. Besides, where else can you be greeted by a toothless 87-year-old woman with a walker and an oxygen tank?

"Can I get you a cart, young man?"

"Um, I'm not sure you actually CAN. Besides, I have to work tomorrow so..."

Do you need an AARP card to get hired there? There's a guy in the electronics department "helping" me figure out the difference between two HD compatible DVD players when I know damn well that he has a 20-year-old VCR at home that's flashing 12:00!

I actually did go in there to look at power tools. I needed a drill, and someone told me that if I went with a cordless one I should get an 18 volt, blah, blah, blah. So the cordless 18 volters are pretty expensive - even for Wal-Mart. So I looked at everything on display, found a great, inexpensive drill with a cord, then tried to find it in a box as all display models are tied down and not for purchase. Well, the only drills I could find in boxes were cordless drills. So, I made the mistake of asking someone for help. The first person I asked, an older gentleman (SHOCK!), said that it wasn't his department, "But that man right there can help you." He pointed at someone who could have been his father. Anyway, as the geezer crept over to the display, we simply asked him where the boxed versions of the drills with cords were since none of them were available for purchase.

"Uh, I dunno."

"Do you have them in the back somewhere?"

"Nah, I think we're out."

"Are there more coming in?"

"Not sure - I just work weekends."

It was about that time that my wife saw me start to twitch like I was going to smack this guy. Recognizing the situation, she pulled me away, thanked the guy (for what I have no idea), and asked me if I wanted to play a game.

Have you ever played slug-bug as a kid? Ya know, you spot a VW Beetle on the road, yell, "SLUG-BUG ORANGE!" Then you punch the other person in the arm. Oh, and if you see a VW Van it's worth 2 punches, etc. So we have a Wal-Mart version of this game:

Someone wearing camouflage = 1 punch
Someone in NASCAR clothing = 1 punch
Guy with a mullet = 1 punch
Lady mullet = 2 punches
Kid with a rat tail = 2 punches
Kid in pajamas = 3 punches
Guy wearing mom jeans = well, you both drop the gloves and beat the crap out of THAT guy for committing the ultimate fashion faux pas!

Within 3 minutes we had to call a truce because our arms hurt too badly to push the cart!

So we decide to take our 12 items and check out. Let me set the scene: it's Sunday, 10:45, and the Broncos play at 11:00. There are honestly 200 people waiting in line to check out, and only 5 lanes open! OK, so we have less than 15 items, the self-checkout says, "15 items or less, please." Not a chance - that line is wrapping around the jewelry counter.

Time out:

Guys, if you are buying jewelry for your woman at Wal-Mart, then she has permission to take whatever you have purchased there and shove it right up yer ass! Come on! That stuff is for 15-year-olds hoping to see boobies for the first time!

Also, there's always that one woman in the self-checkout line that takes the word "please" as a suggestion. You know the one I mean. She probably drives a Mercedes SUV, standing there in her designer sweats, talking on her cell phone, with 75 items spilling out of her cart. Then she decides this would be a good time to teach her 5-year-old daughter how to use the scanning machine. The machine says,"Please scan your first item." The little girl scans it, then skips around the cart to put in the bag - THERE'S NO TIME! Anyone who uses these self-scanners knows you have to quickly put the item in the bag - it even instructs you to do that. "Please put the item in the bag." Time is running out! "Please wait for cashier assistance." Son of a! God forbid the woman take over for the kid, because then it's time for the spoiled little monster to throw a fit on the floor!

OK, self checkout is out.

So we pick a lane - one of the first ones we see. I pull out my telescope and see the cashier only to witness him scan an item, look at that item, pick up a sheet of paper, look at the paper, look back at the item, pull his glasses down on his nose a little, look at the paper, then the item, then the paper, then finally drop the item in the bag. He literally does this with 5 straight items!

I start to twitch; we switch lanes.

So now I'm in a lane, and you know the lanes are staggered... Don't sit there and think, "No, I don't know - I shop at Target!" Screw you, they are staggered there as well - shut it! Anyway, our cashier is far up there and we finally pull parallel to the cashier in the lane next to us. She is a brittle old woman, like a shaky Nancy Reagan. She's slowly scanning things with her quivering little hands, "Oh my, this is heavy!" It's a loaf of bread...

So a younger employee (that could mean just about anything here, but we'll say she's in her 20's) comes up, taps Nancy Reagan on her shoulder and relieves her. Mind you, she didn't open another lane, just relieved the speed demon. Why open another lane? We can wait an hour to checkout - no problem!

The customer thanks the cashier for taking over, since Nancy was obviously in no hurry. Then the customer asks why there aren't any more lanes open when it's so busy. The cashier replied, "Well, out of the 120 people who applied to work here last month, only 8 passed their drug test."


In my little town of Castle Rock!

What the cashier failed to mention was, they test for Viagra, Lipitor, Cialis... The last thing you want is to walk into Wal-Mart and be greeted by an old geezer sporting wood!

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A Time for Giving

It's a stressful time of year - a time where we all are trying to fight through crowds at shopping malls and stay within a budget because there are SO many people we need to buy gifts for. Kids, friends, parents, siblings - it adds up quickly! Well, we've being doing something a little different in our families for the last few years. Instead if trying to find the perfect $25 gift for every sibling and sibling-in-law, we have 2 traditions that are less stressful and make us feel a little better about where our money goes:

  1. In Katy's family, each sibling is "assigned" a type of stocking stuffer. Each sibling also finds a charity to donate money to - no specific amount, but we try to go with the cost of one very nice gift.
  2. In my family, we draw names and then give that person a gag gift that costs less than $20. It turns out to be a lot of fun, and we also have money available to donate to a charity as well.

So this helps us stay inside a smaller budget, and we feel like we've done something meaningful. I mean, do we as adults really want to receive a slew of inexpensive gifts just to get SOMETHING, or would we rather enjoy our time together and do something worth while?

This year, I think we've found something a little different to donate to - and I blame ESPN. Why? Because ESPN has been celebrating the life of Jim Valvano, or Jimmy V, the former coach of the NC State Wolfpack. He first became famous for pulling off a huge upset to win the national title in 1983, then later because of his well-known battle with cancer. This battle led to the development of the Jimmy V Foundation, an organization that raises money for cancer research.

Because of ESPN running Jim Valvano's speech at the 1993 ESPY Awards, I realized what a great man he was - that's when I decided that I want to give to this charity. I haven't exactly asked Katy if this is where we want to go yet, but the following video might help. To show you exactly why I'm so inspired, please watch his speech below as he receives the Arthur Ashe Courage Award:

Now, once upon a time, back in 1992, someone came up to me at the music store I was working at and told me I resembled Jimmy V. Hey, at the age of 23, I was a little offended to be compared to a guy dying of cancer. Today, if someone told me the same thing, I'd hope that someday I could resemble the charisma and inspiration tha Jimmy V possessed.

Monday, December 03, 2007

It's Official!

Today, 12/3/07, we officially and legally adopted our son, Luc Anthony Angello!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


That's my favorite number. I don't know why really. I mean, I never had it as a number playing sports when I was growing up, and never really "used" it until recently. I guess I think I'm funny when people say, "I have a question for you..." and my answer is immediately, "11" before they actually ask the question. It makes no sense, and I'm a nerd - whatever.

However, today the number 11 means something. In fact, 11 years ago today - 11/28/96 - I had a date. A first date, actually.

It was Thanksgiving day and I had dinner at my sister's house. After dinner, I went to pick up a girl I knew a long time ago. We ran into each other at an Avs game and exchanged phone numbers. After hitting it off on the phone, we decided to go to a movie on Thanksgiving after dinner. So, after my pumpkin pie, I headed to pick her up and take her on our first date.

When I arrived at her mom's house, I was greeted by an adorable 7-year-old girl who asked me, "Are you Patrick or Jell-o?" You see, my last name is pronounced an-jell-o, so her cute little joke was a play on Patrick AND Jell-o. She worked on that joke all day. I was then introduced to my date's "brother and sister" who were Kenyans and black as coal. I was a little thrown, but stood my ground when asked by the man for the number of cows I had to offer for my date. If I was thinking, I would have answered 11! I think I said 3, but that was before I really knew who I was dating.

We went to see Sleepers with Kevin Bacon. Not exactly a great movie for a date, but we had a good time. That theater is now a Marshall's. My date told me how she invented the game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" a long time ago, but actually called it Nicholas Cage. I did the popcorn trick. Um, no - the OTHER popcorn trick. I hold a piece of popcorn just under one nostril, inhale through my nose and let go. It stays put until I stop inhaling, then I stick out my tongue, catch and consume. I know, what a catch I am!

When I brought my date back to her mom's house, we kissed on the driveway. OK, she essentially molested me on her mom's driveway. Anyway, we saw each other the next night.

And the next.

And the next.

And the next.

Soon I was driving downtown every night, staying at her apartment until 2-3 AM, then heading home to get to work at 7 AM. Sleep? Who needs that when you are in love?

We moved in together in February, were engaged by June, and married the following May.

So today, on our 11-year anniversary of our first date, I have something to say:

Katy, I love you more than anything ever. Words cannot express how lucky I feel to have found such a wonderful person to spend the rest of my life with. Thank you for all of the fun we have and for just being everything I always wanted in a soulmate.

I love you more than soup!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am NOT a Freak!

Although I want to be...

Anyway, I STILL can't get my $^!+ together for Freak Train on Monday, 11/26.

I know, I know, I KNOW!

Anyway, the 4-puppet act will just have to wait until January...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Afar - No, Further!

I was on AOL and was tempted by the cheerleader pictures. Until...

As I began to click on the pictures, and the pictures increased in size (that's what she said), I was extremely disappointed! I mean, how hard is it to find cute cheerleaders in the NFL? No wonder the fans sit so far away! Keep the binoculars in the bag, fellas - these girls should be kept at a distance! Well, at least most of them should.

You know the drill, click the picture and it gets bigger - if you dare!

If you can get past the cleavage here, this girl looks like she's pinchin' a growler!

It's Mrs. Ed! Clomp, clomp, clomp! I think Budweiser found a new Clydesdale!
I wonder if her feet are furry?

Pick one? Maybe the second from the left. Otherwise, I don't even know what to say!

Apparently the Baltimore Ravens are an equal opportunity employer. Yikes!

Look beyond the fake boobs, guys. I can wait. Come on, you can do it!

Send in the clowns...

This girl couldn't make the Creighton squad - and that's saying something!

Did Ellen get hair extensions and go to work as a beer wench in Minnesota?

"Oh...My...GOD! Chandlah Bing!"

OK, I live in Denver and I know for a fact that this is NOT the best we have to offer!

I can't really tell if this girl is cute or not because I can't get past the hideous outfit the Bengals have forced upon her! Painful!

Not bad, but this IS San Francisco after all!

The Indy chicks are looking pretty good...

Well, DUH - it's Dallas. I mean, come on! These girls don't need heads because nobody can look up from those tiny little shorts they wear!

There are white people in Atlanta? Who knew?

Hello Tampa! Yowza!

(Insert indecent Redskin joke here)

Oh my God! The hottest girl in this entire set is from PHILLY???
Get OUT!

There - that was a fun little waste of time now wasn't it?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Note To Self:

I am too old and out of shape to play football with people 20 years younger.


Ankle hurts, back hurts, arm hurts, can't breathe real well right now - and it was touch!

Hey, at least I've still got my hair! W00T!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Overheard at the local Wal-Mart

OK, first of all, don't judge us for shopping at Wal-Mart. I know, it's evil - whatever! We have a baby and the place is cheap. Granted their employees lack in, well, pretty much everything. I found a great new drill that I wanted to buy, but there was only a display model. In fact, all of the drills that had cords only had display models - no inventory. Maybe they were kept somewhere else? So, we asked. "Uh, I dunno - I think we're out of 'em." Us, "Do you have more coming in?" Wally, "We might - I dunno. I only work weekends."

But wait, that wasn't the best part of our trip!

I think I counted 27 people in camouflage - all genders and all ages!

Wait, that wasn't the best part either!

During our 45 minute wait in line to buy 15 items (stoopid 10-item limit at the "speedy checkout"! BTW, Katy made a joke that the guy behind us had a clean-shave when he got in line - I turned around and he looked like professor Dumbledore, but less gay), I overheard the cashier in the line next to us explain why the lines were long and there weren't enough checkout lanes open. She said, "Out of the 120 people who applied to work here last month, 8 passed their drug test."

That's right - EIGHT! I'm not missing any numbers, I didn't mistype, and I'm as blown away as you are! That is less than 7% of potential Wal-Mart employees that can pass a drug test! In Castle Rock no less!

Now I know why the majority of Wal-Mart employees are AARP members.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Ya Sonsa-

Click the pics and they GROW!

It's me as the Swedish Chef, Katy as a Mom Witch and Luc the Monkey!

Um, Luc the MONKEY!

Mom Witch and her little Monkey!

And now, Derek Knight as the Spooky Singing Ghost:

Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Pics o the Boy!

Look what I can do!

Cool, man...

Punkin in the punkins!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK, Maybe Not!

I was going to perform this week, but it just ain't gonna happen!

First, the open mic night at Java Guru, which is supposed to take place on the last Friday of the month (10/26), has been moved to 11/2. So that's still a maybe.

Second, Freak Train has a few issues: A) MNF with Broncos and Pack, and possible (please) Rox game on the same night. B) I simply am not ready. I could have been ready if the punk kid at Music Go Round didn't lie to me on the phone when I called looking for a used hi-hat stand. He claimed they had 2 in stock starting around $25. So I drive all the way from C-Rock to Aurora for...NOTHING! They had NOTHING in stock! A 50-minute drive for nothing! An apology? No, just dumb-founded idiots!

So, for anyone living in the Denver metro area, STAY AWAY FROM MUSIC GO ROUND! It doesn't matter what used gear they carry, go somewhere - anywhere else!

Now that I got that off my chest, Freak Train FOR SURE in November - with FOUR effing puppets! That's right!

Happy Halloween, ya bunch of freaks!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall TV - Nerds RULE!

OK, I swear to write about something other than Beauty & the Geek...

No, really - it's all about the nerds this season, at least for me it is. Here's what we're watching/DVRing:

  • Desperate Housewives - still trying to recapture their magic from season one, the show is better than last year, but not quite as entertaining as the first season.

  • Family Guy - just because, ya know, it's there.

  • Chuck - I have to admit, I hated the print ads for this show. If I had to look at Chuck with that stupid, "What? I'm just an average nerd who doesn't know what's happening to me!" look, I was gonna puke. Then I watched the show and just fell in love with it. Great characters all around, and it's executive produced by McG (Charlie's Angels) who loves a good, hot cat fight - every week! The show is well done all around, and I get a kick out of the play on Best Buy's Geek Squad with Buy More's Nerd Herd.

  • How I Met Your Mother - still a fun show, mostly because of Barney!

  • Big Bang Theory - a fun new sitcom full of more nerds. Two brainiacs (I stole that from their website!) have a new, hot neighbor across the hall and one brainiac thinks he's got a shot. No matter what, their buddy Howard (Simon Helberg from Studio 60) absolutely steals the show. Good stuff!

  • Heroes - 'nuff said!

  • Rules of Engagement - OK, I'm in love with Megyn Price and I'm not afraid to admit it! Besides, Patrick Warburton is pretty entertaining as well with his signature delivery.

  • Journeyman - so far, not bad. There are some interesting twists each week and you never feel like you've got it all figured out. The acting isn't great, but the plot makes up for it.

  • CSI: Miami - the only CSI I still care about.

  • Beauty & the Geek - shuddap - there's nothing else on!

  • Reaper - more nerds doing the Devil's work. They had me when they used a song by !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk) in the pilot.

  • Um, did I just say I was watching 2 CW shows? Wow!

  • House - still pretty interesting, but too many cast members now.

  • Pushing Daisies - quirky and a little off, and includes another nerd! Anyway, maybe there is a point to bringing people back to life simply to touch them back to death within a minute. Um...

  • Private Practice - this is my wife's actually. I have watched the show with her, and it's OK. Not great, but she enjoys it. We both agree that the creators of Grey's Anatomy are stretching themselves thin on both shows and it, well, shows in the dialogue.

  • Criminal Minds - gave it up because 1) it was too gruesome and 2) Mandy left the show.

  • Bionic Woman - started to watch it, and appreciate the plot, but the dialogue is written by a 3rd grader, who is NOT smarter than a 5th grader, so, um, no.

  • Kitchen Nightmares - scar, and I don't have room for it.

  • Dirty, Sexy Money - YES! This is a pretty fun dramedy with just about anything you could ask for. Peter Krause ROCKS!

  • Ugly Betty - gave it up. Liked it, but didn't absolutely love it.

  • My Name is Earl - still cracks me up. Car spoon!

  • 30 Rock - another of the few great sitcoms.

  • Grey's Anatomy - again, my wife's show. Her theory is that once you hit the top, there's nowhere to go but down. She still appreciates the show, but thinks they are losing it just a little.

  • The Office - gets bigger and better every week - that's what she said.

So that's about it! We just use Friday to get caught up on everything we recorded. Oh, and I'm still addicted to SNL.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Can I Be Frank?

I wish!

For those of you who have been watching any post-season baseball on TBS*, you've probably seen ads for a new show called Frank TV. This show stars a comedian named Frank Caliendo, who is a darned good impersonator. The promos for his new series show him impersonating people like John Madden, George W., Al Pacino, etc. Anywho, as you may or may not have seen, I've been doing an impression of Jerry Seinfeld at the age of 5** - twice at Freak Train***. The clip is on You Tube, and, um, I've got the link around here somewhere... Hang on a second, THER- no, ummm, ah-HA - HERE IT IS! So, you can watch if you want, or not, but I'd like you to at least look at the comments section - people are actually comparing me to this Frank guy! His link will probably be just to the right of my video so you can check him out as well. Anyway, I think my impression is pretty good, so he needs to invite me on his show and we can do duelling Jerrys on his show!

I feel like I'm a tearful "Leave Owen Wilson ALONE" rant away from my own reality show!


*The disappointment in the voices of the TBS broadcasters after learning the NLCS would feature two NL West teams was absolutely pathetic. Forget promoting the Cinderella run of the Rockies, or the fact that BOTH the Rox and the D-Backs were not good teams last year (NL West basement dwellers at 76-86) and have been able to turn things around this season. Hell, these idiots on TBS have no clue who any of these players are, and weren't even trying to figure it out - they all assumed their presence was a mistake that would be taken care of by the end of the first round! I know for a fact that all their announcers predicted the Phillies would beat the Rox, but our boys swept the cheesesteak eating bastards! HA! Deal with THAT, Cal Ripken Jr.!!!

**This impression just might happen again, with even MORE impressions to follow, at the next open-mic night at Java Guru in C-Rock (Friday, October 26th).

***Yeah, I repeated a skit! Why? Well, because I didn't record it the first time. Unfortunately, the first one was better than this recorded one. Maybe I was nervous because I was being recorded, or maybe I just pushed a few jokes too hard. Regardless, this isn't the best delivery of this routine. Oh, speaking of Freak Train, puppets will return to Freak Train on Monday, October 29th!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Pics O' the Kid(s)

Click them and they grow ya know...

Cici liked her birthday gift - CA$H

In his blanky

With Momma

Monster hat

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rockies Fever?

Well, believe it or not, with just about 10 days left in the MLB season, the Colorado Rockies are actually still in the hunt for a playoff spot! After completing a 4-game sweep of the Dodgers, the Rox stand 4.5 games behind the Padres who simply keep winning. It's a long shot, but it's still a shot. The Rox start a 3-game series in San Diego this weekend and could make some noise.

Also, there is talk around town and even in SOME national media about Matt Holliday as a candidate for NL MVP. He leads the NL in hits (205) and RBI's (131), is 2nd in batting average (.339) and slugging percentage (.614), is 4th in home runs (36) and runs (112), is 8th in on-base percentage (.402) and I think I've made my point. As impressive as this all looks, there is no way in hell he will win the MVP. And so, I give you a new top 11 list!

Top 11 Reasons Matt Holliday Will NOT Win the MVP:

11) He plays in Colorado
10) He plays in Colorado
9) He plays in Colorado
8) He plays in Colorado
7) He plays in Colorado
6) He plays in Colorado
5) He plays in Colorado
4) He plays in Colorado
3) He plays in Colorado
2) He plays in Colorado
1) He plays in Colorado

Could Rockies' short stop Troy Tulowitzki win NL Rookie of the Year? Um, see above!

Either way, go Rox - make some noise and scare some teams!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


OK, a little late on this post here, but my parents celebrated their 50 year wedding anniversary on 8/31 (ironically, my brother-in-law's 50th birthday as well)! One of the gifts from the kids (that would be me, my brother, my sister and our spouses) was a framed picture of the grandkids above. From left, Claire, Arie, Rachel, Luc, Danny.

Click it and it gets bigger!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reward for Reading This Post!

It's a MONKEY! OK, not really, but sorta!

Anyway, the new look blog? Anyone? Bueller?

Question: Is there a BETTER reality TV show than Beauty and the Geek?

Answer: HELLS NO! The geeks are beyond geeky and the beauties are dumber than rocks! Watching Dave (the LARPER -Live Action Role Player) enter the room with such theatrics(he also carries duct tape on his belt - bonus), and listening to Katie explain that her fake boobs are an investment because men will buy her so many drinks that they will eventually pay for themselves (and her talents include finding Waldo in the "Where's Waldo" books), and Luke not be able to finish sentences because he gets so nervous, and Natalie explaining she is the Ultimate Hooters Girl (not to mention that she can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, but who can't?) - it just doesn't get any better, or real. Seriously, this is the only reality show where people are THEMSELVES and learn how to treat people equally. It's painful and brilliant all at once. Whoda thunk Ashton Kutcher was such a genius?

Random TV thoughts, other than a quickly coming Fall Preview!

Why is Taco Bell using "I'll Melt With You" as a song for food? What is this world coming to? Wait, there's more...

Viva Viagra? Seriously???

The Hives are actually in Nike commercial that I've never actually seen on TV?

How freaky is the Heineken girl with the keg coming out of her gut?

Whatever happened to the sitcom?

Could Britney been any more lethargic? Hmm - idea for the next Freak Train: dress in black sequence panties and bra with fishnets and blond wig and wander around stage to Britney's new song as if I almost care!

Pam the receptionist is single! Nice! Wait, I'm not, so someone I know better go after her.

Ridiculously fun DVD's: Hot Fuzz, Borat, Blades of Glory.

Our Honda CRV is effing AWESOME! I love the way it drives, the mileage, the iPod plugin, and everything else about it!

Oh, and speaking about the iPod - I finally have all of my CD's on my Pod - almost 13,000 songs. It's so freakin' cool to have all of the music that I own at my fingertips. We listened to it on shuffle play all the way to Telluride and back last-last weekend.

Finally, the boy is eating cereal now! Wanna see? OK, then HERE'S YOUR REWARD - HIS FIRST ATTEMPT AT EATING CEREAL AND GETTING SPOON-FED! Please excuse the bouncy camera - I was laughing too hard!


Monday, September 17, 2007

The All New PAFC!

Well, HEY - I changed the whole look and feel of the blog! What do you think?

The only REAL problem so far is I lost almost all of my links - there are some I can't remember, and would like to add back. If I linked to you and don't have you listed anymore, don't take it personally! I'm just kinda, ya know, dumb.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts and send me some fun linky-poos!

How about a few Luc pics while I'm here?

Mmm - cereal!

Nekkid baby!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Various Video Vriday

Hey, let's have some fun!

1) 2 Minutes of Cuteness:

2) Motorhead with Barbies (Thanks, Collin!):

3) Motorhead goes bluegrass:

4) NOT SAFE FOR WORK! The "talk" from Weeds:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Luc Pics - AGAIN!

Our little 13th freak!

Click the pics and they grow!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!