Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last Chance, Suckers!

That's right, Friday 6/30/06 is your LAST CHANCE to get a FREE copy of the latest and sotra greatest PAFC mixed CD, In Yo FACE!So, how can you get this super-cool, kick-ass collection of funky fun tunes for FREE without winning the last PAFC contest? Well, that's simple! All you have to do is purchase a product from the PAFC Store at! Heck, it can even be a stupid $3.00 sticker and I'll STILL send you the CD!!!

But wait, there's more...

Act now and I'll also throw in an autographed Pat Angello Puppet Flier for my upcoming Freak Train performance!

Why, you can't freakin' lose!

Do it now! Oh, and happy birfday to my brother Tony!

Other than that, I got nuthin'!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wacky Video Wednesday! 2-fer (Sorta)

OK, so I recorded myself on Monday night, and the lovely and talented DeJo did the same. His clip of me can be found by clicking HERE! (Thanks DeJo!)

My clip of me can be found, well, nowhere right now! I swear Bill Gates, when I get out to that Microsoft World Wide Partner Event on July 11, I'm coming to ask you some questions!

In the mean time, enjoy one of my all-time favorite sort of dirty cartoons. Good old Lenny Bruce's "Thank You Mask Man" (Um, not exactly safe for work):

Sunday, June 25, 2006


OK, first of all, I'm a complete moron.

I bought this new, cool digital camera that can also be used as a camcorder and an MP3 player. That's not the moron part. I took it with me to a local hot rod show this weekend and took some really cool pictures. Then, like a moron, I somehow deleted them.

So, anyway, this is a picture of a 1923 Ford Hot Rod (NOT taken by me).

I want one.


Seriously, I think it would be really cool to have one of these to cruise around in on weekends - just for fun. I know, there are MANY things I need to get in order before I can actually think seriously about getting one, but one can dream...

Also, if you are so inclined, I'll be attending and performing at the Bug Theatre on 37th & Navajo to(morrow)night, Monday 6/26. If you get a chance, come check it out! The open-mic show is called Freak Train and it is, um, pretty amature. But hey, $5 gets you in the door and the beer is free! Doors open at 7, and the show starts at 8. Hope to see you there, and bring a camera in case I'm too retahhded to work my own!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wild Weekend Part 3 – Hippie Fest ’06

This is a picture from the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. How can you NOT enjoy yourself at a concert like this? Look at the freakin’ scenery! Hell, Ashlee Simpson could be lip-synching David Hasselhoff tunes and it would still be great

The best thing about an all-day (technically 4-days, but we only went for Sunday) outdoor concert is the people watching. There were tons of hippies bathing in the stream and running around wearing next to nothing. Um, sometimes less clothing is BAD! For instance, there should be an age limit on navel rings. I don’t care how skinny you are, if you have reading glasses on a chain, you should not have a navel ring – there’s no need to draw more attention to your leathery tummy. Also, your string thong sticking out from your skirt was deeply disturbing to me. And while I’m talking about skirts, men should not wear sarongs. Kilts are fine; sarongs are just, well, wrong!

But the hippies made the atmosphere very nice and pleasant. There were no fights and only one person leaving on a stretcher from heat exhaustion. Hippies may be the bums of the hills, but at least they are professional concert goers.

My VP of Marketing for my company was there as well. She is awesome, and she kept visiting the little section of land we claimed for the day to see how we were enjoying ourselves. I was a little surprised to see so many young kids there. There wasn’t much for them to do, and 14 hours is a LONG time!

The vendors were really cool. Many food vendors were organic, and there is a new bottled water company in Ouray Colorado called Biota. Their claim to fame is bottles made from CORN! Yep, simply stick the bottle under steam when you are done and watch it dissolve away. Freakin’ SWEET! There were even huge bins for recycling and compost.

The merchandise vendors were really cool too! Although I don’t carry a purse, I just might start after seeing this company that made classic rock albums into purses. One side was the cover riveted to a thin wooden board, and the other was the actual vinyl record on another board. Really coo! But my favorite was this guy:

If I had a few grand lying around and a big house, I’d totally decorate it with some of his sculptures! These things are flippin’ cool, and he’s located in Salida Colorado!

How about the music? Well, most of it was fantastic! Here’s a look at the line up:

10:00 - 11:00 - Edgar Meyer & Mike Marshall

11:15 - 12:15pm - Linda Tillery & the Cultural Heritage Choir

12:30 - 1:45 - Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet

2:00 - 3:15 - Del McCoury Band

3:45 - 5:00 - Tim O'Brien Band

5:30 - 6:45 - Nickel Creek

7:15 - 8:30 - John Prine

9:00 - 11:00 - Barenaked Ladies

Edgar Meyer and Mike Marshall play bass and mandolin respectively. Both put on a pretty cool show. The talent of some of these people really blew me away.

Edgar Meyer video:

Mike Marshall video:

Linda Tillery & the Cultural Heritage Choir were fantastic! My VP was raving about them before they even hit the stage, and she was right. They did some really fun upbeat African music. I think they drew the 4 black people that attended the event!

Sorry, no Linda Tillery video!

Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet was OK. Nothing really stuck out in my mind, or I was chasing my nephews around at that time.

Peter Rowan & Tony Rice Quartet Video:

Del McCoury Band was great, classic bluegrass. I really enjoyed them, but we walked into town for a while when they were on stage.

Del McCoury Band Video:

Tim O’Brien Band was similar to Del McCoury – still some fun stuff.

Tim O'Brien Band Video:

Nickel Creek stole the freakin’ show! This band was simply awesome, giving a modern twist on classic bluegrass. The highlight of the day (for me at least) came when they covered Britney Spears’ Toxic! In case you don’t know it, here’s Britney’s version:

And here’s Nickel Creek’s version:

John Prine literally put me to sleep! And to think, many people left after he was done and missed the Barenaked Ladies!

John Prine Video (in case you're having trouble sleeping):

When I heard that the Barenaked Ladies were performing, I was wondering how they fit into this group of artists. Actually, they fit themselves in perfectly. They did an acoustic set and barely touched a drum kit. They also made up songs off the top of their heads about Telluride and the vendors, etc. They simply mesmerized me with their sheer creativity and talent. I found a whole new respect for these guys, even though I was kind of a fan before seeing them live. If you ever get a chance, and I know they are touring soon to promote a new album coming in the fall, you really need to go. Simply magnificent showmen!

Barenaked Ladies Bluegrass One Week Video:

Well, that’s about it for my Telluride Hippie Fest experience. KT and I did stop in South Park (yes, THE South Park Colorado, like where Kenny and Cartman live) on the way home. We’ve always talked about doing that and never had time. Well, we made time on this trip and it was pretty cool. There’s a fun little tour you can take that gives you a history of the town and many of the buildings you can visit are still in tact from the late 1800’s. However, no children cursed at us and we couldn’t find Tom’s Rhinoplasty.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wild Weekend Part 2 – Hospitals are FUN!

Um, not really.

OK, so do you see that cute picture of my lovely wife (and Usman and Maaria)? KT is enjoying some cool music by my boss on Friday night, as well as a low-carb chai tea. She didn’t look so happy at around 3AM.

Hey – a back story! A few years ago my wife and I tried a low-carb diet, following Dr. Atkins. I lost 20 pounds very quickly, and then gained it all back, not to mention my cholesterol was probably through the roof from eating nothing but hot wings, salami, and eggs. Anywho, we ventured into some low-carb sweets, many of which contained a sugar substitute called Malitol (or Maltitol) – a sugar alcohol that sweetened up candy. One night KT had a small bag of gummi bears made with Malitol. By midnight she was so cramped up with gas pains that she was in fetal position on the floor in the bathroom in tears. I quickly went to the grocery store and picked up some Gas-X for her and she eventually returned to normal. Now you know.

I heard KT get up out of bed around 3 and go to the potty. She came back to bed, but jumped up again about 30 minutes later. I went in to see if she was OK, but she was in pain in her intestines the same way she was a few years ago. I wondered aloud if her low-carb drink contained Malitol. Even though she ingested some Gas-X, I went and got her some Rolaids because the Gas-X did nothing. I went back to bed.

Katy left the bathroom and went downstairs. I heard the front door open and close and wondered what the heck she was doing. Since we were planning on leaving at around 6AM, I figured she just couldn’t sleep and she was packing and getting ready for our trip – going to the garage to get coolers and ponchos, etc. I was not even close. Katy had been walking the neighborhood in the middle of the night because she was in so much pain that sitting and/or lying down was not an option.

My poor wife finally woke me up at 4:30 and told me she needed to go to the emergency room. She was in so much pain and crying that I couldn’t argue, so off we went.

I stood there by her side at the hospital feeling absolutely helpless. You just wish there was SOMETHING you could do to relieve her pain, but we were at the mercy of the doctors. Finally, they threw some painkillers into her IV and she drifted off to a more comfortable sleepy place. Then the doctors went to work on all sorts of tests. Katy had the pleasure of going through a pelvic exam, an MRI, an ultrasound, and anything else the doctors felt they could bill our insurance company for. They kept poking at her to find out where the pain was, and many tests they did were probably unnecessary. But who were we to argue? We just wanted to find out what was wrong. No kidney stone, no gallbladder issues, no female problems, so what gives?

Finally, after nearly 6 hours of getting poked and prodded, the painkillers had worn off long ago, the tests were all negative, and my sweet little princess felt just fine! The doctors couldn’t find anything, so they let her go with a prescription for pain and anti-spas in case she got gurgly again.

We hit the road and the trip went well. Even though we missed the hike, we still made it for the extravagant Rico BBQ and got to catch up with our friends.

Tomorrow, Hippie Fest here we come!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wild Weekend Part 1 – The New Boss ROCKS!

Um, literally!

So on Friday night, my lovely wife Katy and I went to dinner at Thai Basil with one of my new coworkers and his wife, Usman and Maaria. They are very interesting and a lot of fun. Katy and I enjoyed Panang chicken and shrimp respectively,* and I have no idea what freaky thing Usman and Maaria ate. It looked good though! Just so you know, I’m really starting to dig my new coworkers – everyone is really nice and laid-back. I think I could find some great new friends here!

After dinner we headed into Rastle Cock Castle Rock to a new café called Java Guru. This little coffee house has a lot of live music! My boss, Mark, is a guitarist/singer and he invited the entire office to come and check him out as he performed there.** Unfortunately, nobody else from the office attended and they really missed out – he was excellent!

We arrived a little late and caught the end of the first set. Mark was on stage with his neighbor who plays bass. We were fortunate enough to meet Mark’s wife Pam and his mother Patty, as well as some of his neighbors, during the intermission. The café was a great, small setting with a stage in the corner just big enough for a few people to fit on. Before Mark got busy on the second set, we grabbed some drinks. I had some kind of caramel macchiato thingie and KT had a low-carb chai tea.***

Mark started the second set alone, breaking into a few originals as well as some covers. He banged out some Dave Matthews, Collective Soul, Van Morrison, U2, and other well-known artists and he really sounded great. My wife won’t exactly agree with me here, but Mark’s voice reminded me a lot of Ed Kowalczyk from Live. Ironically, even though he’s a Buddhist, Mark hasn’t listened to much Live, so Katy and I are planning on burning a CD for him this week.**** After all, Ed is a big U2 fan as well! Either way, I have to say I was very impressed with Mark’s ability on the guitar and vocally. I have a ton of respect for anyone who can sing and play at the same time. Like this guy and possibly even this guy. Oh, and even this guy!

So, we really enjoyed the second set, but we needed to head home. We had plans to attend the Telluride Bluegrass Festival on Sunday and were going to drive up early Saturday. Our plan was to get up around 5:30 and hit the road as soon as we could.***** We were going on a hike in Rico at noon with some friends, and that was about a 6-hour drive.

Tune in for Part 2 tomorrow to find out why we fell just a little behind schedule!

*There could be some meaning behind what we ate in tomorrow’s episode.

**Hey, I just might be performing on Monday at Freak Train!

***Or maybe it was something we drank?

****Speaking of burning CDs, Billy P and Tom The Train have EARNED a copy of the new PAFC In Yo Face CD. How? Why, they bought a stupid PAFC product from or www/! You can earn one too if you buy a stupid product before the end of June. Yep, even a simple sticker gets you a free copy!

*****We were up well before 5:30, but weren’t exactly on our way to Rico not-so-Suave.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Wacky Video Wednesday! On TUESDAY!

What? Well - I've had a HUGE weekend that I will start blogging about tomorrow, so chew on this for a day - it's Hot Hot Heat and Bandages:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

We Have A Winna!

OK, I know you are DYING to find out who won the lastest PAFC Contest - the Top 11 List contest for a sweet grand prize of an autographed Vance Johnson picture, a new PAFC CD called In Yo Face, and (the best part) an autographed PAFC puppet flier! So, the winner is...



Hey, when you care enough about the autographed Vance Johnson, er, Pat Angello picture to enter 3 times, you know you deserve it. Besides, the winning list literally had me busting out laughing, which is pretty rare - I'm more of a chuckler if ya know what I mean.

In a moment, there will be all of the lists for you to read, but I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "How can I still get one of those cool CDs?" Well, I'm glad you asked! All you need to do is buy ANYTHING from one of the PAFC stores ( OR before the end of June and I will send you a copy - AND an autographed puppet flier for my upcoming (end of July) puppet performance!

Enough, now on to the lists!


Top 11 Horrible Things to Say to a Child:
11. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet. Go say "hi" to that guy in the long coat.
10. I called the gypsies while you were at school. Pack your shit. They'll be here in 15 minutes and they aren't keen on waiting.
09. Disneyland's for pussies; you're going to a gator farm this Summer!
08. Tell your dad I found his bra. Somehow it wound up under my car seat.
07. There are starving kids in Africa and if you don't finish your dinner I'll send them each a picture of you with a note that says "This is the kid that's wasting your food". The ones that live will come looking for you.
06. Straighten up or it's "back in the box"!
05. Your parents aren't mad at you. They just really regret having you.
04. The reason you haven't seen your dad around lately is because your mom killed him and hid his body under the floorboards in your room. Haven't you noticed the smell yet? Don't say anything though or you'll join him.
03. That hot dog you're eating is made of lips and assholes.
02. If you don't stop playing with yourself it will fall right off and we'll just laugh. Don't believe me? Ask your sister. She used to be your brother.
01. That's not a whistle. It's your mom's tampon applicator.

The rest...

Top 11 Edmonton Oilers Alternate Goalies, maybe?
11. Tommy Salo
10. Emilio Estevez
9. Georges Laraque
8. Chef Boyardee
7. Manon Rhéaume
6. Pepe Le Pew
5. Larry Canada
4. Eric Cartman
3. Sandy Duncan
2. Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
1. Jeff Deslauriers

Top 11 Things That Can (Barely) Fit in Barry Bonds’ Helmet!
1. extra large syringes and "juice"
2. confiscated sharpie pens for "not" signing things
3. his ego
4. snack bag of funions.
5. doo rag.
6. travel size mirror
7. mini score card to see which baseball legend he is wrongly in the running with.
8. 4 contracts for crappy book deals.
9. money to pay the fans to love him
10. his dealers number
11. urine vile of his moms pee...sooo just incase they test will only show that he
smokes the weed....

Top 11 things worse for kids than video games.
11. Drugs, and lots of them.
10. Booze. Yes, it's a "drug" too, but for some reason it's considered different. Gentler.
09. Cigarettes are too.
08. Hookers with raging cases of the S-T-D.
07. Pimps with straight razors that get mad when you talk smack about their hookers.
06. Napalm.
05. Running blindfolded across I-25.
04. Playing "Drink what's under the sink!"
03. A creepy uncle that never married and always keep candy in his deep, deep pockets.
02. McDonald's.
01. Parents who are willing to blame their kid's bad behavior on anything other than the kid or their bad parenting.

11 steps to becoming a zombie:
11. Some scruffy dude just bit you! He just came up from behind and bit your arm! For no reason!
10. That bite is starting to itch.
09. Man, you're getting thirsty.
08. The itching has gotten so bad that you've started to peal the skin around the bite from your arm and you can't stop shaking.
07. You feel like you're freezing and burning at the same time. You are so dizzy you have trouble walking.
06. You really need to rest for a minute. Just rest your eyes. So tired.
05. That helped. The itching is gone, but now you feel very stiff.
04. And hungry. But not for Burger King. You can't quite put your finger on it. Perhaps Bob over there has an idea.
02. Bob was a pretty big guy, but you're still hungry. You throw your head back to shout out your frustration.
01. "BRrrraaAAAaaiiinnssss!"
Congratulations! You're a zombie!

top eleven things which could outrun Shaquille O' Neal at this stage in his career...
11. A Slightly Preoccupied 3-Toed Sloth
10. Bruce Vilanche
8. Big Pun
7. Escargot
6. Stephen Hawking
5. The Snapple Lady
4. William Howard Taft
3. Haystacks Calhoun
2. a 400 baud modem
1. Whomever Richard Simmons is holding the hand of and crying over this week

Top 11 Reasons The Carolina Hurricanes Don't Deserve To Win The Stanley Cup:
11 - Any team named after a natural disaster doesn't deserve to be rewarded.....(oh, wait a minute....)
10 - They'll just fill it with grits for breakfast, and it deserves much better. Like something drenched in maple syrup.
9 - "Whatever It Takes" is their slogan. How noble.
8 - Hockey in the south? It's just unnatural. It'd be like a U.S. team winning the FIFA World Cup.
7 - Embedding a coin in the ice? Seriously? Don't they know that coins and ice are a career-ending combination and every hockey player's worst nightmare.
6 - Too much heat and humidity will damage the metal. Better to keep it in a relatively cool, dry environment.
5 - If too many American teams win the Stanley Cup, the NHL will succumb to corporate-America mentality and rename it the Dodge Super World Cup of Hockey.
4 - Whatever It Takes? It takes being a Canadian team, that's what it takes.
3 - Because a big-ass cup full o' beer sounds great. A big-ass cup full o' mint julep, not-so-much
2 - Brind'Amour?? What the...? Sorry, no names interrupted by apostrophes allowed on the Cup
1 - 300+ people arrested on Whyte Ave have given up bail money for this. North Carolina gave up......what, an evening of NASCAR?

Hey, now that was fun! Let's do it again some time! Thank you all for entering - yer all winners in my book, but only one person really won ya see...

Oh, and another way to win the CD! I will raffle it off at Freak Train on June 26th! If you show up, you'll get to see my impression of Jerry Seinfeld at the age of 5, and you just might win the CD!

Hey Gary Glitter, Shoe's Untied!

I don't post here very often -- this is Pat's show, and he does a fine job of it -- but I feel pretty strongly about this Gary Glitter creep. Specifically, I feel strongly about folks who -- for some strange reason -- don't think it's worth getting worked up about a song.

In the case of "Rock and Roll Part 2," it absolutely is worth it.

It's not about banning the song because of Glitter's "questionable habits." If that were the case, Derek, your point (as articulated in the comments of Pat's last post) would be well-taken.

The suggestion to stop playing "Rock and Roll Part 2" at sporting events is a suggestion, in essence, to stop funding the Gary Glitter Child Molestation Legal Defense Fund. It's not about judging Glitter's behavior, although I can see how some folks who are particularly turned off by old men having sex with children might make that a part of their argument to "ban" the song.

No, it's all about money. Let me explain.

There are three ways a musician can make money: 1) perform live to a paying audience; 2) record a song and receive a royalty for every unit of recorded media sold; and 3) write a song and receive a payment from a performance rights organization whenever that song is played in public (assuming the song is registered with BMI, or ASCAP, or any other organization that collects and distributes revenue to songwriters).

Gary Glitter is both the writer and performer of the version "Rock and Roll Part 2" heard at sporting events. As long as he is in jail, he will not be earning money from performing live. And he won't earn money from selling recordings so long as you and I and everyone else agrees to not run out to Best Buy and purchase Gary Glitter's Greatest Hits (which shouldn't be too difficult a thing from which to refrain, since if you ever wanted to own it, you probably already do).

But because Glitter's song is registered with performing rights organizations, those organizations (ASCAP and BMI) are contractually obligated to collect a fee from every team that plays the song at a game (a fee that is based n the number of times the song is played, and an estimated number of people who hear it), then cut Gary Glitter a quarterly check. The teams (also bars and restaurants and radio stations, etc.) that play the song pay rights fees from revenue collected from ticket buyers and advertisers.

Thus, every time you buy a ticket to a sporting event that plays the song -- and technically, even if you support an advertiser of a game you watch on television -- a portion of your expense goes straight into Glitter's pocket (which, presumably, he empties periodically to purchase better treatment in prison or, as was well-document in coverage of the case, to pay off his victims' families). It's a small portion, I'll grant you, but enough of one collected enough times that the guy has made a handsome living over the years (and can afford to hop from country to country looking for a legal system lax enough to allow him to pursue his prurient compulsions without intervention) on the strength of just that one song.

The NFL gets it. I read today the league has asked its teams to stop playing the song at NFL events next season (and, presumably, thereafter). According to a spokesman: "The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Teams understand the reason for the request."

Besides... While it may be a very popular song, if they stopped playing "Rock and Roll Part 2" at games and did not tell you, would you even notice it was gone?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dun-Dun-DUNNN-Dun -- HEY!

I’m a perv!

OK, not me, but creepy old (like 62-years-old) Gary "Sports Celebration Song" Glitter is appealing his conviction (3 years in jail) in Vietnam for committing obscene acts with girls the age of 10 and 11.

Yeah, he looks perfectly normal.

So the whole 1999 conviction for child porn and the getting kicked out of Cambodia for God knows (and nobody else wants to) what was just, ya know, a few mistakes by governments? I know that governments are pretty stupid most of the time, but 3 different ones have made similar mistakes? I think not.

Seriously, ban the stupid song! Every time I hear it, I think of this sick bastard trying to fondle a 10-year-old and it makes me wanna puke!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Wacky Video Wednesday!

Hey, what do you know - it's a MUSIC VIDEO!

I always liked this one - it's the Vines with Ride. I like the way the other bands play along with them and keep jumping in and out of the video. Cool stuff!

Now THAT’S Class!

My lovely and adorable wife is taking a class on Excel. It’s an intermediate class that will certainly help her with the oil and gas accounting she’s doing right now, hence the company is paying for it.

So on Monday, she’s sitting in class next to her co-worker/friend/sister-in-a-cult-like-non-profit-organization, and they notice the guy sitting in front of them. He is your stereotypical computer geek – really tall and hunched over with messy hair and shirt that should have been thrown away 13 years ago. During the class, he makes a strange movement and sound that my wife and her co-worker/friend/sister-of-a-cult-like-non-profit-organization notice out of the corner of their respective eyes. He seemed to have lifted his leg and, well, farted. They are jolted back. They look at each other, look at him, look back at each other, and kind of shake their heads.

During a break, the ladies discuss whether this guy really farted, or if he was just shifting in the chair and the vinyl seat made a funky noise. However, after lunch, the geek kept lifting and farting – in a public place – with people around him – IN A SMALL SETTING!

Thus, your lesson in Social Behavior 101.

BTW, have you entered the new PAFC Contest yet? If not, go HERE or maybe even HERE for details! Hurry, ‘cuz you need to enter the sucker by 11:59PM on Wednesday June 14, 2006!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Come ON Now!

Seriously, People - are you gonna just sit there and let Billy win another PAFC contest?

It's really simple - just create a top 11 List about, ya know, ANYTHING and email it to and you’re in!

Best one wins:

1. An autographed picture of "No Pants" Vance Johnson
2. A PAFC All New CD called In Yo Face!
3. An Autographed Puppet Flier by yours truly

I mean, how cool and easy is that? In case you need the motivation, here's a scan of the Vance Johnson picture:

How on earth did I come across this? Well, I got really lucky! I was in 7-11 with the picture in hand, and Vance just happened to be there cleaning the Slurpee machine! He was shocked and amazed that someone actually recognized him, but the hip flat top was a dead giveaway. Then he started blabbing about how he made Elway, blah, blah, blah...

What? More? OK, here's what's on the CD:
Click it to make it, ya know, readable!

I'm TOTALLY expecting emails! This contest is open to all, but I will absolutely, positively stop taking entries at 11:59PM on Wednesday, 6/14/06.

***One more way to get the CD - just purchase ANYTHING (we're talking even a $3.00 sticker!) from the PAFC Merchandise Site with the all new kick-ass logo, or the dorky PAFC Merchandise Site with my face all over everything, and I'll send you a copy! THAT deadline is 6/30/06...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

All New PAFCrap

I've spent countless hours (OK, about 1 and 1/2) creating and uploading my all new logo to my PAFC Merchandise Site! You can check it out at! Here's a sample:

Click it to view bigger!

Don't worry, I still have my ridiculous mug splattered on some merchandise at, if you really want it.

But wait - there's MORE! For ANYONE (and I do mean ANYONE) who buys ANYTHING (and I do mean ANYTHING) off EITHER ridiculous site before the end of June, I will send them a copy of the latest and greatest Pat Angello mixed CD - In Yo FACE! This yet-to-be created CD will contain some of my favorite, powerfully driving tunes and is sure to entertain you for at least a few minutes on your way to work!

I'm sorry? Did you say you don't have any money but you REALLY want this CD? Well, let me tell you how you can WIN one! Just enter the newest PAFC contest - a Top 11 List writing contest where you can win the CD AND an autographed picture of former Bronco "No Pants" Vance Johnson! Simply click HERE for details on how to enter!

Geez, have I not given you enough already? Oh, alright then! I'll ALSO send ANYONE who buys ANYTHING from EITHER merchandise site an autographed Pat Angello Puppet Flier!

Are you happy now? So get on it!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New PAFC Contest!

Ya know, after making all of those CDs for D Lee for winning the PAFC Fantasy Hockey Challenge, and checkin’ out some cool tunes in my car, I’m thinkin’ it’s time for another PAFC contest! Besides, my parents’ plane doesn’t get in until 11:30 now, and the hockey game just ended (W00T Billy, Ugh DeJo!) so I’m kinda bored. Also, I’ve come across an autographed "No Pants" Vance Johnson picture that I’m dying to send to someone.

So, the contest is, another Top 11 List! You know how much I love these, so have at it – be creative. To get you in the mood, here’s one I just uploaded to the MVN Comedy Page:

Top 11 Things That Can (Barely) Fit in Barry Bonds’ Helmet!

11) Uranus

10) J Lo’s Booty

9) Shaq

8) Hummer H1 White Limo

7) Oprah

6) David Caruso’s ego

5) The Airbus A380

4) Dolly Parton’s, um, girls

3) A blue whale

2) The stones of a Duke Lacrosse player

1) All the steroids he can ingest!

What are you playing for? Why a kick-ass autographed 8 x 10 of former Bronco Vance Johnson! Oh, and an all-new Pat Angello mixed CD called "In Yo Face!" Tracks are yet to be determined, but you can bet Jurassic that it will contain fun, down-yer-throat rock and roll, baby!

Deadline to submit is Wednesday, June 14th at midnight MST. The winner will be announced on Friday, June 16th. Email your entries to for consideration.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wacky Video Wednesday!

Ah, Robot Chicken. They are wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Make it STOP!

The end of Western Civilization as we know it?

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My Mother & Sports

OK, so my mother actually really pays attention to the local sports. Every time I think I need to explain who someone is to her, she rattles it off right before my eyes. For someone that doesn't care much, she's pretty good! Maybe it's because she has to sit there while my father watches ANY sport possible on TV, from billiards to women's softball. (Don't whine to me about the sports I selected, just going for the extremely obscure!)

Anyhoot, the other day she went off on a tangent about a theory she has - Mike Shanahan has a glass eye. Yeah, I almost wet my pants as well when I heard it, but hey - she's convinced! She swears that his left eye never moves. So, here are some pics for viewing:

Hmm - the jury is still out...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Stanley Cup Finals!

OK, so you probably saw my post about Bill in NC, but just as a reminder, I'm still doing some hockey writing even though the Avs are done. You can check out my Carolina Hurricanes Blog for MVN after each game, or keep an eye on the web site for the ongoing Stanley Cup Bloggers Roundtable Discussion.

Come on, it's the best time of the hockey season!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


OK, I know it's not quite time for Wacky Video Wednesday, but I couldn't wait on this! I came across a web site that had "Unintentionally Gay Videos" on it, and I saw this: Billy Squier - Rock Me Tonight. This was considered one of the "cool" videos to me when I was in high school. I look at it now, and frankly I'm just scared. If you aren't laughing at Billy's dance moves within 30 seconds, you have issues. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

In Case You Were Wondering...

...This "expansion" MLL team called the Denver Outlaws is for real. Oh, sure, you thought that their 24-14 victory over the expansion Chicago Machine and their 15-11 victory over the expansion San Francisco Dragons (stop it, I’m a dragon!) didn’t prove anything. That’s fine. I’ll go along with that. However, Saturday’s win over the defending MLL champion Baltimore Bayhawks was no joke, and I witnessed it in person – from the front freakin’ row!

My beloved Outlaws found themselves down five minutes into the second quarter by a score of 6-2. The team looked way out of synch, maybe even nervous as they played the first real team they face this season. Then something clicked. Maybe one or two of the FIVE former Bayhawks that now play from Denver realized that these guys on the other side of the field were just another team? Maybe coach Jared Testa made a critical defensive adjustment? Maybe Denver just started to find their groove? Whatever is was, the Outlaws took control and headed to the locker room up by a score of 8-7. The crowd of 10,000+ (second highest in league history just behind the Outlaws attendance record of 13,000+ set on opening day) showed their new heroes how much the effort was appreciated.

In the second half, the Outlaws made the Bayhawks look absolutely pathetic. Phenomenal defense paired with great ball movement and precise shots turned this game into another 24-14 laugher.

Denver leads the league in scoring, 2-point goals, and is tied for second in goals against (among teams that have played three games). They have recently picked up a few more great prospects in last weeks draft, and they look to do nothing but get better in the weeks ahead.

I’m here to say, I love this sport, and I love this team. I don’t even care if we win or lose, I just have a ton of respect and appreciation for these guys who still have day jobs, yet they come out every weekend and work their asses off for a minimal paycheck. Top pay is $24K, most players make less than $18K. No millions implied here! So I’m telling you right here, right now – at $14.50 per seat, THIS is the best value for your entertainment dollar in Denver over the summer! There’s another game this coming Saturday at 7:30PM as the Outlaws take on the Dragons again. Join KT and I at Invesco Field at Mile High as we cheer on Denver’s newest and most exciting sports franchise!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oh, Billy!

This may be hard for DeJo to hear, but I’m totally rooting for the Carolina Hurricanes in the Stanley Cup Finals. And it’s all for Billy.

Listen, my best friend Bill Purdy lived in Colorado his entire life up until 1996. May 23, 1996 to be exact. That was the day my father had open-heart surgery and my best friend left the state - a tough day to forget. Bill’s job took him out to Charlotte, NC. This die-hard Bronco fan, and new Avalanche fan, never got to live in the town of a world champion. As soon as he left Colorado, the Avs brought the first world title, the Stanley Cup, to this town. 2 years later, the Broncos won the first of back-to-back Super Bowls. Bill was watching an expansion Panthers team and a recently moved Hurricanes team (the former Hartford Whalers) that nobody wanted.

Bill almost saw glory in the last few years as the Panthers lost a Super Bowl and the Hurricanes lost in the finals of the Stanley Cup on a goal by Brett "In the Crease" Hull. Again, Billy knew nothing but heart break in professional sports for his home team. Now residing in Raleigh, Billy has become a Caniac, and after their thrilling game 7 Eastern Conference Finals victory last night at the RBC Center in downtown Raleigh, I think it should be his turn.

I have nothing against DeJo or the Edmonton Oilers - big fan of both actually. But as DeJo grew up in the Gretzky, Messier, Kuri era, Billy had to sit through the Shawn Moore, Clarence Kay, Larry Canada years.

So, for you Billy, all I can say is - GO CANES!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!