Sunday, September 21, 2014

In Defense of Megadeth

OK, I'm not taking megadeath, the death of one million people due to a nuclear explosion.  I mean the speed metal band, Megadeth.

Maybe I'm just blogging right now to pretend the Broncos aren't really on TV right now, so please excuse any random cursing.

Back to it!

It was college, really.  I discovered this band when their 3rd album, So Far, So Good, So What? came out, thanks to the meta heads on Swanson 2 at Creighton.  Yeah, there's some irony about me getting into speed metal and death metal while at a Catholic University, but these guys were like noting I've ever heard.  That was because of one person: that arrogant douche bag, Dave Mustaine.

So glad we held them to a field goal there after fumbling on the first play.  I can't handle another game like the Super Bowl.

What can I say?  I was obsessed with my guitar at the time, and I've never heard anything like this.  Sure the lyrics were and have always been stupid, and the guy can't sing to save his life.  If you think he sounds bad on the tracks that got released, try listening to the extended re-releases with demo versions.  Horrendous vocals!  Believe it or not, that's as good as the guy can sing.

I don't care about lyrics or singing, because the guitar work was unbelievable.  Super technical, extremely fast and aggressive.  It was all because of Dave.  He's a genius, and I'm not even kidding.  He's clearly the brains behind this band, and his arrogance is deserved.  It's like the 7-year-old that creates this extremely complex game to play, like you pick an element and you use the attributes of the element as super powers, and then he tries to get other kids the same age to play it with him, but it's so over their heads that they just follow along and hope they can keep up.*  That's what Dave is to the other musicians in the band - the brilliant creator who is light years ahead of his peers, the guys are just riding his coattails.

As brilliant at guitar as he is, Dave is also an idiot sometimes.  OK, a lot.  Like the time they were playing in Northern Ireland and before they went into "Anarchy" Dave yelled, "This one's for the cause!"  Here's where he lost me: "In an August 2012 Singapore performance on the tour to support the band's then-new album Thirteen, Mustaine expressed his views of President Obama and recent gun violence in the United States, making an accusation that Obama had staged the mass shooting in Aurora, CO and the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting in order to push a gun control agenda, while engaging the audience during onstage banter in between songs."**

Did he lose me for good?  Almost.  I mean, that hit literally close to home, and really pissed me off. What a ridiculous thing to say!  As Frank Zappa would say, shut up and play yer guitar!

Shoulda had a touchdown, but I'll take the field goal.  This is going to be a close game, isn't it?  Like come down to a field goal at the end???  I need to pee.

I had a rough week at work a few weeks ago, and even though I deleted all of my Megadeth from my iPod a few years back because of the statement above, I needed it.  The aggressive music actually calms me when I'm stressed out.  I guess I let it all release by hearing the thrashing guitars and respecting the technicality of it all.  I feel everything releasing through the noise and feel relaxed, as if someone else has pulled the frustration and aggression right out of me.

Sure, Dave's going to keep opening his mouth and inserting his ignorant foot, but does that mean I should stop listening to music I enjoy?  If I removed every person from my life that I don't completely agree with on every level and on every topic, I'd never eat, I'd have no friends, I'd never go to movies, and I'd never listen to music.  Maybe I should let Dave back in?  I mean, hating people that hate merely spreads hate, right?

Ugh!  Not sure this is going to be a close game after all.  Winning in SEA is pretty much impossible for any visiting team.

Fine, I'll listen to Megadeth again.  It's really for the good of my co-workers.  Note to them: if you hear Megadeth or Radiohead coming from my desk, it's a rough day.

*That's my kid, BTW.
**From Wikipedia, duh.

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