Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Seriously - it's 3AM!

And I am obviously not sleeping. No idea why, really, but I did actually sleep for about an hour and then came down to the basement to work on some more stuff for my newest venture...!

Yeah, I launched a super cool new website that many of you already know about. If you don't, well go check it out so this 3AM post isn't fruitless! It's loaded with some sweet and inexpensive gadgets that ship to your door with no shipping charges! I know, it's like Christmas and yer birfday just collided! Maybe something to ponder for Father's Day? Does dad need a new pen, or MP3 player, or both stuck together? HA! Well, the Evil Monkey can hook you up and even throw an FM tuner in that bad thing!

Also, the fine artist Derek Knight drew the killer logo, and we stuck it on a bunch of stuff.

Like yer working...

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Bill Purdy said...

Don't you sell anything that will help you get to sleep?

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