Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Let's Talk Sports!

Yep, I'm a little pissed at the Broncos. Maybe more disappointed than pissed really... Look, I expected them to go 4-12 at best this year, then they teased me with a 6-0 start. You can't do that and finish the season 2-8 with home losses to rank Raiduhs and crap Chefs teams. We expected playoffs this year after that start, but we went down like a Mexican whore at Mardi Gras after the break. Not to over analyze, but here are a few things:

The draft – where does it make sense to trade next year's first round pick to move up in the second round this year? Really? And Orton was “solid” for most of the season, but how nice would it be to have 2 more first round picks this year to move up and get a QB to build this team around? Because Simms proved he's not the answer. Or maybe we groom Brandstater and trade up for that stud Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska to plug up the middle on defense? Just thinking out loud here...

The defense – OK, we were much improved here at the beginning of the season. But we went from giving up 11 points per game in that fun little 6-0 start to giving up 26 points per game while going 2-8. No real injuries to point at, so... WTF happened???

Discipline – Sure, nobody is bigger than the team. But suspending your all-pro WR and damn awesome but underutilized TE when the playoffs are on the line for no real reason? I don't get it. Is it true that nobody is bigger than the team, or is it just the PLAYERS that aren't bigger than the team? Looks like Coach Mac thinks he's bigger than anyone. Must be the hoodie.

With that said, I say Packers and effing Chargers play for the title. Hate the Chargers, but I have a weird feeling the bastards are about to take it all. DAMMIT!

Winter time means I don't care about baseball. Wait... I don't care about baseball in the summer either!

What about the NBA you ask? I've completely given up on basketball all together for a few reasons. First, the players are babies and thugs that can pretty much get away with murder no matter how stern Stern is. Gilbert Arenas will be made an example of, with good reason! He first had guns in his locker, then Tweeted about it in jest, and then made handgun hand jesters to his teammates before a game. So what can the commissioner really do that will change anyone's actions in the future? Nothing – sorry. Second, I can't take the refs. Pathetic isn't harsh enough to describe the way games are called. I want to watch athletes play basketball, not old bald men bringing games to a screeching halt by making ticky-tack calls to get their ugly mug on TV.

However, I am pretty pumped to watch some hockey now because I really don't care much about the NFL playoffs when my team isn't there. Besides, hockey players are the most amazing athletes on earth. Plus, the majority of them are humble, dedicated, family-oriented, down-to-earth guys. And how many do you hear about that are in trouble with the law? Name one that was busted with pot, or guns, or has 8 kids all with different moms...

Oh, and spring means lacrosse season! YAY!!!

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