Friday, May 22, 2009

Keep it COMING!

...That's what she said...

No, I mean GO NUGGETS! Yeah! That's what I meant.

Something about the pained look on Kobe's face made me very happy. How does it feel, Kobe? Like someone took something from you without your permission? Possibly forced you to give it up? Huh???

Like a nerd, I'm on Twitter. However, it helps me keep up with a brilliant columnist I kinda forgot about. He hates the Lakers too.

I don't get the whole Lady Gaga thing. Is she a model or a musician? Are we supposed to admire her for her freakish fashion sense, or because she recorded a typical dance track? I'm lost.

Ooooohhhh! Lost season finale was AWESOME! Jacob - dead? How many Locke's are there? Did the bomb stop the plane from crashing? How could a bomb set off in 1977 stop a plane from crashing in 2004? Ah, what a show! JJ Abrams is a freakin GOD! Fringe is awesome as well - perfectly fills the hole left years ago by the X Files. And, for our 11th wedding anniversary, KT and I are off to see the new Star Trek - by Abrams! After all, what would our anniversary be without a sci-fi movie date?

McG is behind the new Terminator film. I wasn't too interested in it until I realized that. Dude rocked the Charlie's Angels films!

It's OK to love yer pets... A man in WY sucked snake venom out of his dog's nose after the dog was bitten by a rattler. Almost killed both of them, and cost the owner $3500 in antivenin. I'd say something about spending that much on a dog, but my bionic dog has 2 titanium knees that cost us over $4000.

Remember that teacher who had an affair with her 6th grade student? Yes, a woman and a 12-year-old. Her name is Mary Kay Letourneau and, in keeping with her white-trash mentality, she hosted a "Hot for Teacher" night at a bar in Seattle. That's class! If yer not creeped out enough yet, she met her future husband when he was in 2nd grade. Who threw up in their mouth right there?

Is that a banana in your... A man dressed in an ape suit tried to steal a banana display in Wisconsin. And I thought seeing a guy in a chicken suit sing Karaoke Sinatra was weird.


Bill Purdy said...

Simmons live blogging the Canes-Bruins Game 7 was generally indicative of the rut he's found himself in the last three or so years, but the ending (when Scott Walker scored late in the 1st OT was sort of awesome:

I'm going for a walk."

Still giggling about that.

Pat Angello said...

So I missed his rut? Cool!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!