Tuesday, December 02, 2008


First of all, the only good thing about losing a fantasy football game by 0.81 points is winning the next week by 1.39. Geez - my own fantasy team is giving me a heat attack! At least none of my players were suspended for doping, or shot themselves in the leg with a concealed weapon!

Like a bag of cats on the way to the river, Axl Rose has FINALLY screeched out Chinese Democracy. Only 14 years have passed since GnR started working on this, um, masterpiece... Was it worth the wait? Sorta! Here are the things I like - there are some rockin' tunes on here, the album doesn't sound dated whatsoever, and it puts Buckethead (arguably the greatest "underground" guitarist in the world) into the mainstream. Unfortunately, Axl thinks he can sing, and uses that awful voice of his as an instrument at times, trying to acapella intros and such - painful! Bottom line: it's worth the dough, but wasn't worth the wait. Also, 14 years and you've got a black and white picture of an old bicycle with a basket on the back? Could have been SO much better!

Additionally, Axl might sue Dr. Pepper. The soda manufacturer offered everyone in America a free paap if Chinese Democracy actually hit the streets in 2008. The overwhelming response to the coupon posted on the Dr. Pepper website crashed the site, and people blamed Axl. In other news, Americans are idiots!

On that note, I have a feeling that Obama is in a no-win situation. He's inherited a country that is crashing quickly, and if he can't turn crap into ice cream, the mouths of O'Reilly and Limbaugh will filet him. Not like the same thing wouldn't have happened to McCain - both would have been faced with an impossible task and an impatient country.

Patience is a virtue, unless it's Black Friday. In a story that make me absolutely sick, Long Islanders stampeded a Wal-Mart employee TO DEATH at 5AM just so they could get to the bargains fist. Where in God's world do people think they should behave like this?

15 seconds of hell for WHOM exactly? A deer hunter in MO shot and THOUGHT he killed a deer. Then when he approached the animal, it jumped up and started kicking the dude's ASS! Unfortunately, the hunter got the thing off him, and it died a few yards later after the hunter shot it 2 more times.

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Tony LaRocca said...

The likes of O'Riley & Limbaugh will fillet Obama no matter what he does. They just preach to their own choir, though.

I can't believe the assholes trampling a poor Walmart worker either.

Glad to see some deer getting their own back :)

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