Sunday, November 23, 2008

I’m Blogging Again!

What? Why? Well, we’ve turned into THAT couple. The couple that, after their adorable son goes to bed, we sit on the couch next to each other and watch whatever we have on the DVR while we screw around on Facebook. I figured; why not take 20-30 minutes of that time to start spewing drivel again? Besides, every now and then I visit this blog to find some old article I wrote and I realize I used to be kind of funny! So, let’s get the creative juices flowing!

BTW, MS Word lists the word poppycock as a synonym for drivel. Heh! OK, so I’m feeling a little middle-school today.

Also, I think I’m going to start wearing a 10-gallon, shiny top hat like T-Pain. It will look GREAT with my new Carhartt bib overalls!

I’ve noticed something about the NFL this year: even with video replay, the officiating has been atrocious this season! My boys, the Broncos, have been involved in 2 plays, in either direction, that were just awful calls. Last week, the last-minute touchdown by the Steelers should have counted. Today, for some reason the 49ers v. Cowboys is the game in my area, and the refs missed a blatant pass interference call and blew-dead a fumble return for a touchdown without reviewing. Ugh – frustrating. Especially if you gamble, which I don’t. Heck, I didn’t even do a pick ‘em this year, but I will next year – I miss it!

I miss Omaha! A man called the butt bandit was recently for leaving greasy graphic imprints of his booty all over town. There wasn’t a safe window in the city! The man was apprehended after Omaha finally went nuts and purchased butt print identification software.

I’m not familiar with Pandas, but I’m not stoopid! This guy in China, well, is. He climbed into a Panda pen to cuddle with the cute little bear and then quickly got his @$$ kicked! See, Pandas are some mean MF’s!

Finally, since I’m obviously addicted to Facebook, here’s my favorite current status update: “BT cannot believe I'm allowing the kids to subject me to "Beverly Hills Chihuahua. . . . Uuuggghhh!”

Uuuggghhh indeed!!!

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