Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Little Disappointed...

You know me - I love SNL. Really, watch it every week, tell my friends and co-workers about it, record it, save it to show other people who never come to my house, are you getting this???

So this/last weekend was the season premier, and I couldn't wait to see what these great writers came up with over the summer, because the talent and writing has been getting better recently. I know it immediately went down after Tina Fey left, but they were picking things up and getting 2-4 decent sketches each week. OK, mostly I have a huge thing for Kristen Wiig as she is the most talented person to star (yes, star) on that show in years. And they started the show out with a BANG!

Anyone who has seen a newspaper or turned on a TV in the last month knows who Sarah Palin is, and her stunning resemblance to Tina Fey. Naturally, Lorne Michaels brought back Fey as Palin and teamed her up with Amy Poehler as Hilary for a laugh-out-loud intro to the season. And it was pretty much downhill from there.

The host was Olympic champion Micheal Phelps, which means horrendous overacting and painful skits. Athletes should not host this show - period. Sure, every now and then you get one who can actually be a little funny and not so uncomfortable, but that is VERY rare. Phelps did not fall in to that category. Can't they use an ACTOR as the host and maybe give Phelps a cameo instead of cameos by William Shatner and Fey? That's backasswards to me.

After getting past the awkward monologue, SNL threw a few lame and recycled skits at us, which kind of pissed me off. The entire summer and we're rehashing the coach dancing to Herb Alpert? Literally an identical skit to when Peyton Manning was on the show. And I loved the original skit with the awkward twins, but trying to bring it back with Phelps as Wiig's cousin was, well, pathetic.

Andy Samberg gave us a painful digital short that was effect heavy, but short on comedy. Lil' Wayne made an ass out of himself with his pants literally falling off his ass, and Jared Vogel (Subway) added pretty much nothing to a skit ripping on how many calories Phelps consumes.

I was left feeling a little ripped off for waiting for this show all summer. Note to Michaels: actors and MUSICIANS would be nice. Forget the atheletes, forget the rap and lip-synching teen crap, and let's put a show together. Have some hot young actor like Michael Cera host the season premier, since he's got a new movie just weeks away. Reward some of the college radio bands that are on the verge, like you did once last season with Vampire Weekend. I'm still trying to forgive you for allowing Ashley Simpson on the show twice in one season. WTF was that? Oh, and how about some, ya know, original skits and recurring characters that actually SHOULD be brought back, not ones that only work with a specific host. How about 2 a-holes take swimming lessons skit when Phelps is your host? The only character that they brought back that I did like was political comedian Nicholas Fehn, played by Fred Armisen - I could watch that schtick all freakin' day!

I'll keep watching, because I'm hooked on Armisen and Wiig. But this show needs to get sharper very quickly - that was not a premier worth the hype.

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