Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do Your Part

I'm not political - I stay away as much as possible.  However, while I was scrolling through some comments by people on AOL about some random political articles, well, it scared the crap out of me.

Americans are effing stupid.


Look, there's an election coming up here and there is a TON of misinformation on both candidates.  The Internet is an evil tool where any complete moron can post whatever they want.  Shut up!  But I feel like I needed to post this because, well, I am very middle-of-the-road and felt like speaking out.

I want to say this: don't let anyone influence your opinion!  Both candidates have their OWN website where you can read what their beliefs and ideas are on how they want to run this country.  Do your research.  Don't listen to the radicals on the radio, and don't read some buffoon's 1-sided opinion.  The only people who get attention in the media are the extremists, and they don't represent 99% of the population.  So why do they get the press?

Just do me a favor and make up your own mind.  Watch the speeches from the conventions, watch the debates, and go out and vote for who YOU agree with the most.  I know we all have a short attention span these days, but tough crap - pay attention, read and do some homework!

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PammyJean said...


The League of Women Voters has some fantastic, non-partisan, objective resources that help you make decisions not just on the candidates, but on the ballot issues.

Please make sure your friends and co-workers do some research, since ads can't be counted on to present the complete story from either side (witness Amendment 2 in Colorado, some 16 years ago).

Vote, but with some thought behind it!

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