Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey, Ahnuld! Hold on to Yer Chapeaux!

So, the California Supreme Court has overturned their ban on gay marriage. To that I say - GOOD IDEA!

What, on an ethical level??? Well, that's for the right- and left-wing wacko's to fight out.

But on an ECONOMIC level, this is a grand slam dunk touchdown GOOOOAAALLLLL!!!!

Think about this for a second - (nod to Tina Fey) - gay people will have the most extravagant weddings EVER! Imagine the hoopla, flowers, outfits, cakes, decor, gifts... Must I go on?

Hundreds, er, THOUSANDS of gay people will flock to California to get hitched. Bed, Bath & Beyond will post banner numbers. Florist will be able to retire. Tux rentals will be sold out months in advance. Bakers will be getting carpal tunnel. Wedding planners will be millionaires.

So, states that need an economic boost - take note! You may have missed the window for the stimulus checks, but opportunities are still available! Jump on the bandwagon and get rich quick!

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Bill Purdy said...

Aww... it's just like old times!

(A bit queer, though, if you ask me.)

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