Sunday, February 10, 2008

Post #501! That's Right!

Can you believe that silly Sarah Silverman video I posted last week was my 500th post? Let's celebrate! Or, let's just add another post!

It's been a busy few weeks - 2 conferences and travel have kinda worn me out, and I missed my family quite a bit! But I think I can finally get back to reality now - heh.

Speaking of reality, thank GOD Lost is back to save us from the horrendous reality TV that has taken over since the writers strike. First, Lost is so effed up on a regular basis that I simply love it. Every week I turn to Katy and say, "WTF is going on?" After they killed off the spider bite idiots a ways back, the show has gone back to brilliant - this season included! YAY! Too bad it's going to be a shortened season, or is it???

In other news, step one is admitting I have a problem - and I do. I am addicted to The Soup on E! However, watching it kind of scares me. Mostly because I think the media won't be happy until they literally kill Britney Spears. They've already driven her insane, but they won't back off - they just keep harassing her. I'm not about to post a gay video begging for them to leave her alone, but come on already! It has gone from mildly entertaining to absolutely pathetic. It scares me that people actually watch TMZ and visit their web site. This coming from someone who watches Maury on a regulr basis! More things that scare me?

The return of American Gladiators and Knight Rider, Hilary Clinton, any show or movie that puts children in bad situations, Amy Winehouse, unscripted late night TV talk show hosts (wow!), young girls might watch Juno and think it's a good idea to get pregnant and give up their child for adoption just to be seen as a herione, Paris Hilton thought it was actually an honor to recieve Harvard Lampoon's Woman of the Year award, death and destruction are the only things that qualify as "news" anymore, we have obviously not learned our lesson because we are going to Wal-Mart again on a Sunday, on that note - people with mullets, pepperoni pizza from Black Jack, and I may never get real money from the woman who dinged up my car but agreed to actually pay for it.

Until next time...

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