Tuesday, December 18, 2007

God Help us All!

OK, when the TV writers went on strike, I was a little concerned - mostly for some new, good shows that might lose traction after half a season. But then I realized that horrendous game shows/reality shows would start to take over. Are you kidding me? American Gladiators is back? Crowned? Clash of the effing Choirs???

There is one good thing coming out of this - a new top 11 list! That's right!

I present to you, the Top 11 Reality Shows That Never Made It, But Now Will Because of the Writers Strike:

11) Sounds that Dad Makes
10) Ultimate Paint Drying!
9) Dwarf Tossing With The Stars
8) Are You Smarter than Paris Hilton?
7) Wig or Not a Wig?
6) Extreme Office Cube Makeover
5) Name That Nipple Slip
4) Retirement Home X-Games
3) Dude or Not a Dude?
2) What Would Lindsey Lohan Do?
1) Infant Challenge

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Bill Purdy said...

Here's some good TV for ya...

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!