Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Afar - No, Further!

I was on AOL and was tempted by the cheerleader pictures. Until...

As I began to click on the pictures, and the pictures increased in size (that's what she said), I was extremely disappointed! I mean, how hard is it to find cute cheerleaders in the NFL? No wonder the fans sit so far away! Keep the binoculars in the bag, fellas - these girls should be kept at a distance! Well, at least most of them should.

You know the drill, click the picture and it gets bigger - if you dare!

If you can get past the cleavage here, this girl looks like she's pinchin' a growler!

It's Mrs. Ed! Clomp, clomp, clomp! I think Budweiser found a new Clydesdale!
I wonder if her feet are furry?

Pick one? Maybe the second from the left. Otherwise, I don't even know what to say!

Apparently the Baltimore Ravens are an equal opportunity employer. Yikes!

Look beyond the fake boobs, guys. I can wait. Come on, you can do it!

Send in the clowns...

This girl couldn't make the Creighton squad - and that's saying something!

Did Ellen get hair extensions and go to work as a beer wench in Minnesota?

"Oh...My...GOD! Chandlah Bing!"

OK, I live in Denver and I know for a fact that this is NOT the best we have to offer!

I can't really tell if this girl is cute or not because I can't get past the hideous outfit the Bengals have forced upon her! Painful!

Not bad, but this IS San Francisco after all!

The Indy chicks are looking pretty good...

Well, DUH - it's Dallas. I mean, come on! These girls don't need heads because nobody can look up from those tiny little shorts they wear!

There are white people in Atlanta? Who knew?

Hello Tampa! Yowza!

(Insert indecent Redskin joke here)

Oh my God! The hottest girl in this entire set is from PHILLY???
Get OUT!

There - that was a fun little waste of time now wasn't it?


Bill Purdy said...

The hottest girl in the entire set also looks like she might be about 3 months pregnant. With Brian Westbrook's kid.

Erika said...

I went to middle/high school with the broncos cheerleader. Her name is Romi Bean.
She was never very cute. I will see if i can drag out an old picture of her from 8th grade, and get it to you. Definatly not hot!

Tony LaRocca said...

When I was in the Army & stationed in DC, we had a track & field day & the "Redskinettes" came out to cheer us on & sign autographs. Some were cute, but most were pretty leathery up close. Blugh.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!