Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK, Maybe Not!

I was going to perform this week, but it just ain't gonna happen!

First, the open mic night at Java Guru, which is supposed to take place on the last Friday of the month (10/26), has been moved to 11/2. So that's still a maybe.

Second, Freak Train has a few issues: A) MNF with Broncos and Pack, and possible (please) Rox game on the same night. B) I simply am not ready. I could have been ready if the punk kid at Music Go Round didn't lie to me on the phone when I called looking for a used hi-hat stand. He claimed they had 2 in stock starting around $25. So I drive all the way from C-Rock to Aurora for...NOTHING! They had NOTHING in stock! A 50-minute drive for nothing! An apology? No, just dumb-founded idiots!

So, for anyone living in the Denver metro area, STAY AWAY FROM MUSIC GO ROUND! It doesn't matter what used gear they carry, go somewhere - anywhere else!

Now that I got that off my chest, Freak Train FOR SURE in November - with FOUR effing puppets! That's right!

Happy Halloween, ya bunch of freaks!


Derek Knight said...

oh, come on. You could still do SOMETHING...

I am worried about the traffic myself, but am still giving it a go. After all, I've been rehearsing for a month and my guitarist has done such a great job learning two songs that I don't think he likes much, it'd be a shame to waste that.

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