Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rockies Fever?

Well, believe it or not, with just about 10 days left in the MLB season, the Colorado Rockies are actually still in the hunt for a playoff spot! After completing a 4-game sweep of the Dodgers, the Rox stand 4.5 games behind the Padres who simply keep winning. It's a long shot, but it's still a shot. The Rox start a 3-game series in San Diego this weekend and could make some noise.

Also, there is talk around town and even in SOME national media about Matt Holliday as a candidate for NL MVP. He leads the NL in hits (205) and RBI's (131), is 2nd in batting average (.339) and slugging percentage (.614), is 4th in home runs (36) and runs (112), is 8th in on-base percentage (.402) and I think I've made my point. As impressive as this all looks, there is no way in hell he will win the MVP. And so, I give you a new top 11 list!

Top 11 Reasons Matt Holliday Will NOT Win the MVP:

11) He plays in Colorado
10) He plays in Colorado
9) He plays in Colorado
8) He plays in Colorado
7) He plays in Colorado
6) He plays in Colorado
5) He plays in Colorado
4) He plays in Colorado
3) He plays in Colorado
2) He plays in Colorado
1) He plays in Colorado

Could Rockies' short stop Troy Tulowitzki win NL Rookie of the Year? Um, see above!

Either way, go Rox - make some noise and scare some teams!


Carter said...

#5 was very unique and original, #3 wasn't that funny, but OMG you nailed it with #1.

And oh yeah, FYI, we have three potential awards, MVP for Holliday, Toluwitzki for either ROY and/or Gold Glove.

I bet we get one. If the Rox somehow win out and make the post season, Holliday will get it.

Bill Purdy said...

Larry Walker won it in '97, so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

The Marlins have never had an NL MVP (though they do have a World Series victory), and neither have the Washington Nationals (including the Expos) or the Arizona Diamondbacks (also World Series champions).

And, surprisingly, neither have the New York Mets (also former World Series champions).

Colorado sports fans (hey, I'm one, and I'm just as guilty as the next guy wearing orange on Sundays) routinely complain their teams are somehow slighted in the national spotlight, but that's just not true. National visibility comes hand in hand with success -- when our teams are good, people notice. When they suck (as they have from time to time, god bless 'em), people look away.

At least we're not San Antonio. Those poor bastards have a problem.

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