Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reward for Reading This Post!

It's a MONKEY! OK, not really, but sorta!

Anyway, the new look blog? Anyone? Bueller?

Question: Is there a BETTER reality TV show than Beauty and the Geek?

Answer: HELLS NO! The geeks are beyond geeky and the beauties are dumber than rocks! Watching Dave (the LARPER -Live Action Role Player) enter the room with such theatrics(he also carries duct tape on his belt - bonus), and listening to Katie explain that her fake boobs are an investment because men will buy her so many drinks that they will eventually pay for themselves (and her talents include finding Waldo in the "Where's Waldo" books), and Luke not be able to finish sentences because he gets so nervous, and Natalie explaining she is the Ultimate Hooters Girl (not to mention that she can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue, but who can't?) - it just doesn't get any better, or real. Seriously, this is the only reality show where people are THEMSELVES and learn how to treat people equally. It's painful and brilliant all at once. Whoda thunk Ashton Kutcher was such a genius?

Random TV thoughts, other than a quickly coming Fall Preview!

Why is Taco Bell using "I'll Melt With You" as a song for food? What is this world coming to? Wait, there's more...

Viva Viagra? Seriously???

The Hives are actually in Nike commercial that I've never actually seen on TV?

How freaky is the Heineken girl with the keg coming out of her gut?

Whatever happened to the sitcom?

Could Britney been any more lethargic? Hmm - idea for the next Freak Train: dress in black sequence panties and bra with fishnets and blond wig and wander around stage to Britney's new song as if I almost care!

Pam the receptionist is single! Nice! Wait, I'm not, so someone I know better go after her.

Ridiculously fun DVD's: Hot Fuzz, Borat, Blades of Glory.

Our Honda CRV is effing AWESOME! I love the way it drives, the mileage, the iPod plugin, and everything else about it!

Oh, and speaking about the iPod - I finally have all of my CD's on my Pod - almost 13,000 songs. It's so freakin' cool to have all of the music that I own at my fingertips. We listened to it on shuffle play all the way to Telluride and back last-last weekend.

Finally, the boy is eating cereal now! Wanna see? OK, then HERE'S YOUR REWARD - HIS FIRST ATTEMPT AT EATING CEREAL AND GETTING SPOON-FED! Please excuse the bouncy camera - I was laughing too hard!



Bill Purdy said...

Well, that certainly proves it:

Babies are cute!

PammyJean said...

The Boy is adorable! I had a hard time getting YouTube to play the video straight through but the cuteness came though alright.

Aside from the links not being in a column as they used to be, the new look is just fine!

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