Sunday, June 24, 2007

Music Video Monday!

Heck, it just had to be done!

First, a band I just downloaded from eMusic called Datarock. As soon as you watch and listen to this, you will know exactly why I love these guys!

Wait, more Datarock:

OK, one more by Datarock:

Second, why it's the world's greatest musician teaming up with the world's greatest video director! Paul McCartney and Michel Gondry created this gem with Natalie Portman and the creepy wooden eye guy from Pirates (oh, and he was on the Office BBC as well!) so dig it:

The art of music videos is a dying genre, with all the booty shakin' c-rap that MTV thinks they need to air. Enjoy them when you find them!


Heather said...

I love the guy from Pirates...he's so cool! I was excited when I saw he was in that video!

Bill Purdy said...

I have about 15 tracks left this month & I knew I was forgetting SOMETHING. Thanks for reminding me of Datarock... I'll snag it later this afternoon.

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