Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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OK, so I went to the dentist earlier this week. Believe it or not, I love this dentist! He never does unnecessary work and Suzy, the dental hygienist, is very nice and gentle. In fact, Katy and I have become close to Suzy where we talked about our lives and she knew about our new house and the adoption plans, etc. Anyway, I walked in through the front door of the building this time - for the first time! Usually I go in through the back. I figured, this dentist is great, we love Suzy, what could go wrong?

Next thing you know, somebody that is not Suzy is bringing me back to the chair. I don't know this person, but they seem pleasant - maybe Suzy is on vacation. Well, Suzy is not on vacation, and the only thing pleasant about this new girl is her demeanor. Her cleaning of my teeth was fast and rough, and she ripped through my gums with the iron hook and the floss. Actually, Katy named her the marquis de sade of dental floss!

Then the dentist comes in and says two of my lower teeth in the back are starting to crack from my grinding my teeth! How did she not see this? His resolution was, "don't grind your teeth, or we'll eventually have to crown them." Again, let's wait and see, not, WE HAVE TO FIX THIS NOW!

So above is my dilemma. Whatever shall I do? Is it worth the pain to stay since they don't do unnecessary work, or should I find someone closer to home who is more gentle but might find things I don't really need done?


Bill Purdy said...

Well, the poll is busted so I'll weigh in here:

Get a second opinion.

Your health should trump loyalty every time. I know it's a pain (literally AND figuratively) to find another dentist (and even worse to try to make an appointment any time within the next 6 months), but someone else needs to look at those chompers before you submit to uncomfortable surgery.


Squatchyk said...

Ironic I just went to the dentist too. Guess what they told me that I was grinding down my teeth too! I went in for a cleaning and found out I had a chipped tooth and then had to get a filling in my front tooth. Hey are you going to Freak Train? Totally off subject but a valid question.

PammyJean said...

Even if there's nothing major that needs to be done, it's not worth it to have a hygenist who isn't gentle. Owie. There are lots of good dentists around -- maybe you can find out where Suzy went? Ask for recommendations from friends, but don't subject your gums to that any more. And if they recommend work that you're not sure is necessary, get yourself a 2nd o-piƱon.

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