Sunday, May 20, 2007

Re-Post - Luc Pics Plus Graduation Day!

OK, so the last time I put these pics on the blog, they were a little large to print - my dad wanted to print them out, so I resposted them. However, I added some pictures from Alysse's graduation day as well! So scroll through and click on them to make them bigger!

My nephew Danny graduated this weekend as well, but I forgot the camera at his party. I'm a tool! Anyway, maybe my sister can forward a few pics from his big day as well!

One quick note - please keep our neighbor Shirley in your thoughts this week - her husband Nick passed away in his sleep on Monday morning last week. They are retired and have only been in the house for a few months. She's had a lot of family over this last week, and her stress level is high - the paramedics were at her house 2 days later because her blood pressure was skyrocketing. She is a very sweet woman and we're looking forward to helping her through this difficult time and becoming great friends and neighbors with her. Thanks!

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