Sunday, May 13, 2007

Meet Luc Anthony Angello - Our New Son!!!

OK, so now you know where I've been!

Here's the brief story: our niece ended up pregnant accidentally at 17. She knew about our struggles to have children on our own, so she approached us with the best resolution possible - she would carry the child to term and let Katy and I adopt him! She made this decision on her own without our influence - we didn't even know she was pregnant until she had made her decision. So, of course, we said yes! I mean, the ability to adopt a newborn child that will probably look a LITTLE bit like us is absolutely astonishing! He arrived on Friday evening at 5:02 Colorado time. He weighed 8 lbs, 12.5 ounces and is 18.5" long. God bless her for giving us the most amazing gift we ever dreamed of! Heck, we couldn't even DREAM something this incredible!

On to the pictures - here's the chronological order of the day and the next few days. Starting with our niece, with some pictures of the doctor, my sister and mom, and of course us in there, and ending with my boy sleeping on my chest (I swear I had tears pouring down my face just before that picture was taken). Please ignore how tired we look - I think most of it was Katy anticipating yet another camera flash in her face!

(Click on the pictures and they get bigger!):


Flat Salley said...

There just aren't words to express:
a) how beautiful he is
b) how thrilled we all are for you guys
c) how amazing Alysse is for doing this -- on so many levels.


(and can we sing "My name is LucAA, I live on the second floor"? No, wait...that's not a good song for a little boy.....)

Roxane Apple said...

I have the tears running down my face too! The pictures are so wonderful, and my heart is bursting with happiness for the two of you! Happy Birthday Luc, and Happy Mother's Day Katy! I'll be checking this blog daily for new pictures Patrick. You did a great job!


JerrilynnL said...

Congrats to everyone! Good job Alysee. :-) He's beautiful.

Derek Knight said...


Sus said...

MUCHO MUCHO CONGRATS!!! Sending you two a big hug from the Land of Manana!

Squatchyk said...

How exciting. Congratulations! I am glad everyone is doing well. Enjoy your new gift!

Nichelle said...

You guys are SO lucky!! Welcome to the world of parenthood! He is absolutely gorgeous... Please pass on my best wishes to Alysse - she did a wonderful job, and has a VERY big heart! See you all soon!

DEJO said...

Words cannot express how happy I am for all four of you!

So, let me just say: Pat, you are NEVER allowed to utter the words "Luc, I am your father."

Pat Angello said...

First, let me thank everyone for their kind words and support throughout the whole experiece. It truly is an amazing story, especially when you are smack dab in the middle of it!

FS: There will be no Suzanne Vega singing around our boy! OK, maybe a little.

ROX: You are so sweet! We have a surprise for you today!

Jer: Yes, we cannot forget Alysse and how incredible she has been over the last 8.5 months, during the delivery and even after the delivery. Her relationship with Luc will be very special.

DK: Um, thanks!

Sus: YAY - we like hugs!

Squatch: Best Mother's Day gift EVER!

Nichelle: Don't we know it! And Cici yet again is incredible!

Dejo: *kuh* See you on Halloween! *cheh*

Collin said...

Congratulations guys! I guess this shows you how often I stop by these days. Enjoy the heck out of your wee baby!

Heather said...

Same goes for me- I'm seriously slacking in my Blog duties! Congratulations!!! He's adorable and couldn't ask for better people to be his mom & dad!

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