Thursday, March 08, 2007

Roller Derby, Yo!

Yeah, I was there! Yer darn right!

So I guess the roller derby is making a comeback! How do I know? Because some nice, um, TALL girl who attends Freak Train on a regular basis is on a team called the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls and she asked me to perform at halftime of one of the bouts. Now, I'm a little cautious about things like this! I told her I'd like to check it out once to see what it was like - essentially make sure that I wouldn't get my ass kicked if I pulled out a puppet in the middle of this crowd.

All I can say is, "YIKES!"

I'm not sure what this girl expected from me - maybe some standup comedy - but anything involving puppets would go over like Michael Jackson at a skin heads rally! And there were children there, so I'd have to censor SOME of the comedy I do. It's mostly not that bad, but then again some guy was wearing a shirt asking you literally eat Uncle Ed so...

But the derby was fun! The rink isn't raised or anything, but the kitchiness of it all is pretty entertaining - goofy names for the girls (Fanny Fister was my favorite), 24 oz Pabst in a can, etc. The band at halftime, the Royal Dead, was a kick to listen to as well. Maybe I will perform there sometime, but I'd need suggestions from all y'all on what I'd do. The girl, whose derby name is Assaultin' Pepa, really wants me to do something there and she sent me their home schedule - she even gave me free tickets! The matches go throughout the summer, so we'll see.


Squatchyk said...

A friend of mine tried to get me to do roller derby. He thought I'd be good at it since I play hockey. I figured it wasn't worth losing my beautiful teeth for fun!

Collin said...

Perhaps something involving the song "Roller Derby Queen" by Jim Croce?

Derek Knight said...

yeah, you play the guitar and I'll belt out the tune. I love that song.

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