Saturday, March 17, 2007

80 MPH A-Hole!

So I'm heading down I-25 at around 80, since the speed limit is 75 there, and I see this guy behind me trying to get by. OK, I'm in the left lane, right behind the car in front of me, and we're passing others like we're supposed to. However, the guy behind me needs to be going 90, I guess, so he jumps all the way over to the far right lane, then into the middle. Now he's basically right next to me and I just KNOW he's coming over. I wait a second, he doesn't move, so I accelerate. Right then he comes over and nearly hits me. I saw it coming, so I was able to slow down, but we're still going like 78 and almost hit bumpers! So I give him a honk for coming over without looking, just to let him know I was there - AND HE GOES FREAKIN' NUTS! He's flipping me off and screaming at me! I think he's going to slam on his brakes to make me rearend him and he'd get to replace his 1994 Stratus, so I get into the middle lane. He slows down and is screaming at me and pointing and flipping me off. I see a young boy in the front seat and I'm thinking that kid is going to turn out to be one outstanding citizen with a role model like this! So I decide to point at this guy and back to myself while mouthing, "YOU cut ME off." OK, now I've done it! Apparently he thinks that means I want to pull over and fight him on the highway. He slows down and gets into the emergency lane, and I'm thinking he's got a flat tire - karma is working quickly. But the he speeds back up and rolls his window down and keeps screaming at me. Unfortunately, I had to get off at the next exit so I got into the far right lane and he just kept going.

I think I made a friend today!


Squatchyk said...

Why is it people who feel entitled think its okay to curse someone out when they are in the wrong?

Collin said...

Making friends is fun.

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