Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Sarah Silverman Program

Comedy Central, Thursdays

Thank you, Comedy Central. Thank you for giving Sarah Silverman her own sitcom and letting her do damn near whatever she wants!

Sarah is so cute and has such a sweet smile, that it might be the irony of the filth that flows from it making her even funnier, or she just might be that brilliant. From the ridiculous opening song to the 3way t-shirt she wears at the end, Sarah simply killed me for 30 minutes tonight. She pulled out very bright ideas and spot-on sarcasm and left turn irony to make me literally laugh out loud, which never happens (ask my brother).

Because Comedy Central will show it a few more times this week (HERE is the schedule), I don’t want to give too much away. I will simply say that Sarah has gay neighbors and she has a standing date with her sister to watch a reality TV show called “Cookie Party.” In the first episode, someone gets in the way of that date and Sarah is bound to put an end to it.

I’m telling you right now to check that schedule and find time to either watch or DVR the program this week, because you absolutely should not miss it! 30-minutes of Sarah is just the right dose, and I can’t wait until next week!

Click HERE for a preview!



Bill Purdy said...

Downloaded it to my XBox 360 & watched it w/Cross on Saturday. And I have to say... I do not agree. Like most Comedy Central shows (including my fave, Reno 911!), this show had 4 BIG laughs buried in 21 minutes of not so good.. not so good at all. I don't know if that's a fair batting average, but as good as those 4 BIG laughs were (and they were good), the rest of the show sorta blew. I dig Laura Silverman, always have, and it's nice to see her. But I have never dug SS's take on the Adam Sandler dookie ditty (see, for instance, the excriciating "theme song"), and there's way too much of that on this show. I'll watch it a few more times to see if my take is on spot, but right now the SS Show is on a serious probation for me.

Pat Angello said...

yeah, well, you don't like any shows I like, so what-ev, Purdy.

Bill Purdy said...

I do, too, like shows you like. Lost, Heroes (though I reserve the right to complain about the horrendous acting in that show), Extras, The Office...

But this one's not quite there yet, at least not for me.

What-ev back atcha!

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