Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why Not?

Is this the greatest theme song ever?

Is this the greatest cartoon ever?

Let's debate!


Derek Knight said...

short answer: no.

Not-as-short answer: 'cause I said so.

Andrea said...

It might have been the best theme song ever, but I just couldn't focus with all of the little freaky dolls flying around the screen.

Short answer: NO.

Short answer to question #2: NO

wildjnet said...

I rant relp reeing a rooby roo fan.
With mainstreaming words like zoinks and jinkeys...its pure genius.

Pat Angello said...

The next question is, have any of you WATCHED this cartoon before? The subtle adult humor is simply brilliant!

Derek Knight said...

yeah, I watched a few episodes. I found it a bit redundant, but that's just me. I did like Mojo Jojo though.

Collin said...

I don't know about "greatest ever", but it was quite good. And Cartoon Network never showed it much DVD love. The movie was only released full frame, and rather than complete seasons they released four "collection" discs.

My favorite episode would probably be the one based around the Beatles. I was laughing at stuff my kids still don't get.

Although that's still more love than they showed Dexter's Laboratory.

Heather said...

I freaking LOVE the Powerpuff Girls - I agree with Collin that the Beat-Alls episode was simply brilliant but the one where Bubbles wants to be seen as tough - too funny! Maybe not the best ever but pretty close in HeatherLand!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!