Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Year Brings...I Don't Know Yet!

The new year for bloggers historically (OK, last year) means a year in review of the blog, and what I wrote about, and what happened in my life, and blah, blah, blah. Well, I don't wanna do that this year. Why? Because I feel like my blog has hit a wall. Sure I had fun doing the newsletters originally, but then it started to read like Jay Leno on a good day. I added a few weekly things, but those were simply excuses to try to get a post up when I was too busy to put any thought into something. This thing got predictable and boring! So where do I go from here?

THAT is a good question!

The videos are fun, and I'm sure I'll keep posting them now and then, but only when I see something I really like. Contests? Oh, there will still be contests! But don't expect a fantasy baseball sleepfest or anything.

COMEDY! Yes! Comedy and sarcasm - that will run amuck! But scheduled? Yeah, I doubt it.

Basically, this blog will no longer be forced and scheduled - it will be fun and random! And there is no way in hell I will ever let anyone tag me again, after I post what Collin asked me to:

5 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me:
  1. I pick my nose. Yep, a lot. In the car, in bed, on the toilet, just whenever I can or need to.
  2. I was born in Heidelberg Germany. My dad was stationed there in the Army. We lived there for a few months after I was born, moved to Vicenza Italy for a little while, and then moved back to Colorado and I've been here ever since (less 4 years at Creighton in Omaha).
  3. I've never done any illegal drugs. I only know of a few people who can claim this as well. I'm not trying to be high and mighty, I just never had any urge to smoke pot or anything else. If that's your thing, well then good for you - just don't do it around me because it makes me very uncomfortable.
  4. I want to be on Saturday Night Live. That is my ridiculous dream - to be on SNL as a host or castmember or special guest - whatever!
  5. Flying, buzzing things really freak me out. Flies or bees - anything that makes a noise, is small, and can buzz by your ear. I freakin' HATE those things and always have!
Are you ready for more?

Instead of doing a year in review or a top 10 of 2006 list, I'm basically gonna list some things that I am willing to never have to see or hear about again:
  • Britney, Paris, Lindsay - OK, all celebrity gossip! I don't care, and I'm sad for those who get wrapped up in all of it. If whatever Donald Trump said about Rosie actually affects your day and/or mood, then YOU are why 95% of the rest of the world hates America.
  • Bush Bashing - this is SO 2 years ago. Get over it, he's still in office! Don't worry, it will change in a few years. Besides, most people that rip on the President can't make a decent argument as to WHY they are ripping on him. I know this was the thing to do before the '04 election, but now it's so cliche it's annoying.
  • Kanye West - The stoopid media inflated this guy's ego so far that he LITERALLY thinks he's Jesus Christ. I'm sure the crown of thorns Rolling Stone magazine cover didn't help. But anyone who feels they need to rush the awards stage when they DON'T win only so they can complain and bitch about why they SHOULD have won needs to get over themselves in a HUGE way!
  • Reality TV - I don't care what show it is, the only good reality TV is FAKE reality (The Office, Reno 911, etc.). And while I'm here, the new gameshows like Deal or No Deal and Identity are just weird, confusing and dumb. Can't people write a decent TV show anymore? Oh, wait - they can, but America is too stupid to watch it! Why is Dancing with the Stars getting more viewers than Studio 60? Anyone? Seriously???
  • The commercialization of Christmas - unreal! And why must we cater to the 2% of the population that is offended by Christmas? Even Jews don't care if you celebrate Christmas! Why? Because they celebrate their own holiday. Oh, and Christmas is a Christian celebration, not a gift-giving exercise!
Well, that outta get the year started!

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Anonymous said...

Um... Uh... Happy New Year?

P.S. I gotta remember that bit about the nose-picking the next time I think about shaking your hand.

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