Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dear Mother Nature,


We get it, now enough with the freakin’ snow!

Seriously, every dang weekend since that big ol’ 3’ monstrosity you dumped on us just before Christmas, we’ve had snow. EVERY weekend! There is so much ice buried under the packed snow on our neighborhood streets, I can’t even get my car up the hill to get out of the neighborhood – and we’re only the second house in. Looks like my wife picked a bad week to get t-boned in her AWD. Don’t worry, she’s OK, but she’s renting an Impala because Enterprise didn’t have any stinkin’ AWD’s in stock.

Thanks, thanks a lot!


PammyJean said...

Wha'? Huh? T-boned? Story, please.....

Pat Angello said...

Some dolt ran a stop sign and hit her on Friday afternoon. She's fine, just a little sore over the weekend. Her car is, um, not great. Probably not totalled, but still may take 3-4 weeks to get repaired. The guy was in a rental and bought insurance, so we're hoping that we won't have to pay anything.

Thanks for the concern. If it were a major issue, like she was hospitalized or something, I certainly would have let everyone close to us in on it.

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