Sunday, January 21, 2007

AGAIN With The Hair!

How vain am I exactly?

Anyway, as a faithful reader of this stoopid blog, you may recall my hair cut story from a few years back. Unfortunately, that guy up and quit just a few months after our "relationship" began, much to my disappointment. But things are suddenly looking up!

Earlier this week, with our company pictures approaching, I decided to stop at Sport Clips for the first time ever. It's located just as you get off the highway here in Castle Rock and they cater to men with sports constantly running on monitors around the joint, and sports hats and other crap to purchase. Besides, there's no Floyd's here, and I’m over the dimwitted trash that make up the majority of the Super Cuts. So, I stopped in to this sports-themed men's hair "salon" on Tuesday evening, and I was very surprised by the service!

For only $20, you get a hair cut, shampoo (to get the little cut pieces out of yer head), a head massage, a hot towel treatment with a face massage, and a shoulder massage with a newer version of those hand-held electric shoulder massager thingies! FOR $20!!! Also, you can purchase 6 in advance for only $90 (that's a $30 savings, yo) and you get FREE neck trims between hair cuts!

OK, enough pumping this place up, because there's a weird coinky-dink part of this story. After I sat in the chair, the girl cutting my hair (Shawna) asked me if I lived near by. I said my wife and I just moved in a few miles up the road. Shawna said she lived up the street as well and asked which development we moved into, I said Castle Oaks. Shawna said, "Me too!" In fact, Shawna and her husband Josh live across the street and 3 doors down from us! Weird, eh? (Sorry, I spent a lot of time hanging with our Canadian office at our National Sales Conference this weekend.) Anyway, Shawna moved here back in late July and said the people on our long cul-de-sac are a lot of fun. There are a bunch of young kids, and over the summer they would gather every weekend and hang out in the street around a fire pit. This is something that makes Katy and I very excited, because that's exactly what we were hoping for - a fun and social neighborhood! With our plans for adopting a kid in the works, hopefully we've found a great neighborhood to start a family!

Oh, and my hair looks great to boot! Thanks, Shawna!


Squatchyk said...

Yay sounds like fun! Good luck on that adoption thing too!

Derek Knight said...

I cut my own hair, what I have left of it.

Collin said...

Heather won't let me cut my hair. If I ever do again though, I think I'll check out a local Sports Clips. There's one not too far away from me. Eventually my hair might find it on its own.

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