Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Rent Me! Buy Me! Watch Me!

My good friend Steve "My Name Is" Mudd made himself a movie. Seriously! The guy wrote the script, hired the crew and actors, and directed and filmed the thing! We went to the premier a few weeks ago at the Oriental Theatre (and you were WHERE?) and I have to say, this is a pretty good film!

Don't believe me? Then go see for yourself! You can rent it through Netflix, or buy it through Amazon!

Honestly, this was one great thriller - especially when you consider it was shot for next to nothing. Steve's direction and cinematography is very professional, and we all enjoyed it.

Come on - support a good guy with a very bright future!

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Tony LaRocca said...

I wouldn't want to be a loan either. Then I'd have to worry about people's credit ratings. (Drum fill.)

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