Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Lunch Bloggin'

Yeah, so I'm working from home today thanks to a freaky blizzard, and I'm taking my lunch time to spew some thoughts!

First of all, we're in the NEW HOUSE! W00T! We had movers come on Monday this week, and we've got everything here now. All we have left to do is clean the old place, which we're not going to kill ourselves over because we lost our deposit when we broke the lease. At least we got moved before the storm of the year hit! But this place is really awesome and totally worth the 4-year effort we put into selling, renting, and searching!

The Nuggets have the Answer! Not to blow this too far out of proprtion, but signing Iverson is the Nug's version of the Patrick Roy trade. It's not quite that huge, because you pretty much could have just handed the Cup to the Avs after that trade, but it's the biggest deal the Nuggets have ever made. Too bad Melo has the suspension coming up, because I don't really want to wait until late January to see this team as a whole. Then again, Melo was a complete bonehead in NY. Why was he even involved in that mess? I'm wondering if behind that sweet smile of his, he's really a thug. Look at his track record:
  1. Caught on tape with a bunch of gang-banger pot smokers
  2. Caught at the airport with pot, but somehow got off saying it wasn't his
  3. Dissed Larry Brown of all respectable NBA coaches
  4. Lent one of his vehicles to a couple buds who were pulled over and produced a couple buds
  5. Threw a punch in a fight he wasn't even invloved in
It's getting harder and harder to think this guy is good people! Then again, who cares about their actions off the court - we just want to win, baby!

OK, back to stinkin' work! Y'all have a nice snowy day!


Derek Knight said...

I was pretty surprised about the Iverson thing. Not necessarily that the Nuggets had the coin to sign him, but that he was willing to come to Denver. I guess that's a sign that the Nuggets are on the radar of the NBA's best players, if he didn't think he had a chance to win, he'd have nixed the trade. Now, I'm not a big basketball fan anymore and I'm of the opinion that Iverson is an idiot, but he's gonna win some games...Things are looking up for Denver basketball.

Squatchyk said...

Yay I am glad you are in your house. You obviously have better luck then Derek and I. Every time we ever moved (except into our house) it rained, snowed or both. Moving in bad weather sucks!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!