Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sunday! Sunday! SUNDAY!

Hey, so a good friend of ours worked his ass off, borrowed a ton of money, and maxed out his credit cards to make a film. I'm not talking about some dorky little 10-minute documentary about baking pumpkin seeds, I'm talking a real feature film! Right here in Colorado!

The film is called Seclusion - you can view the trailer at the web site: Also, to support the DVD release, the film is being shown at the Oriental Theatre on 44th and Tennyson in Denver this Sunday at 7:30PM. Tickets are available on the Oriental Theatre web site ( for $20. Yep, it's a little expensive, but the proceeds go to a charitable cause, not in the film makers pocket.

So, will we see you there?

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Princess Katy said...

BTW, the $20 also includes dinner! Doesn't seem so expensive now, does it?
So go and you will enjoy it, I promise!!

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