Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh, OK!

I'm still awaiting another video to post from Freak Train on Monday night. Unfortunately, Dejo the official PAFC video bitch has a job now and can't really spend all of his time editing videos for me.

However, Derek "Son of Cheese" Knight captured my first performance, which was Pee Wee Herman doing interpretive dance, and the lovely Squatchy filmed big D's performance, which I barely helped him with. AND Squatchy even did a 13th Freak performance, but Derek didn't capture it for some reason. I think it's all about him! I also did puppets while Linn sang karaoke "Purple People Eater". Dejo captured all 3 performances that I was in, but has not had time to update, so you'll have to wait for the puppet thingy. But you do get to see two performances I was in right now! So, without further ado, here's the Pee Wee video and Derek's Spooky Singing Ghost video:

Pee Wee:

Spooky Singing Ghost:

Hope you enjoyed those. And if you haven't been to Freak Train, isn't it about time you went? Seriously! How much fun can you have for $5 and free beer? Just to tease you a little, I promise MORE PUPPETS in November!!!

That oughtta getcha!


Squatchyk said...

It still makes me laugh. I really enjoyed your act!

Derek Knight said...

You rule.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

iuegaywfgyfaaeuywfieywarg7934874rgh I meant to do that

DEJO said...

Wait! You performed 3 times? Pee Wee, backup for Linn, and... ??? I only have those two on video. What did I miss?

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