Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm a Moron

So my good friend Bill was in town for Thanksgiving with his beautiful wifey Beth and their adorable 2-year-old son Logan. I had a camera with me, but COMPLETELY forgot to take any pics of the lovely family of 3 (with a 4th on the way in April). I'm so sorry! I even got to introduce Bill to the lovely and talented Dejo, but STILL forgot to take some pics. Go ahead - call me a tool!
Almost as annoying as the political ads during an election year are the movie ads for the "Christmas Comedy" every Thanksgiving. They always play the same stupid fast-paced song and somehow find quotes from dim-witted critics that call it "uproariously hilarious!" Just shut up already!
Speaking of movies:

Borat = insanely funny, or should I say uproariously hilarious! Either way, my brother and I were laughing so hard we were crying - still on the way to the car!

For Your Consideration = a slight disappointment. Maybe I was expecting too much, and maybe I simply need to see it again for the subtleties, because that's where this team shines (see the huge mixing board for the 3-piece folk band in a Mighty Wind). Anyway, the more reviews I read about it, the more I'm thinking it needs another viewing. Or maybe I just want to see the female weather caster ventriloquist with the perverted monkey puppet.
Oh, and then there's THIS again on Monday, 11/27. You may want to go, simply because it's the last Freak Train of the year, and might be my last time performing there. Not sure exactly how I'll get back there after we move to Castle Rock and try to adopt a kid.


Derek Knight said...

I don't want to hear no bullcrap about not being able to make it to Freak Train 'cause you're moving to Castle Rock. I LIVE IN COLORADO SPRINGS and I make it. Ok, not tonight, but I would've, dammit.


DEJO said...

Well, the adopting a kid part I'll grant you may impede your Freak Train! attendance, but you cannot use living in Castle Rock as an excuse! I don't.

Bill Purdy said...

You're a tool!

Is that what you wanted? I feel sort of uncomfortable doing that for you, kinda like that one time when we were roommates... never mind.

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