Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Colorado Hates Gay People!

And we can prove it!

Forget the whole Amendment 2 thing from way back when, now we’re really kicking the gay community around!

This years’ ballot featured Amendment 43 and Referendum I - here’s what they said:

Amendment 43 - Marriage: "An amendment to the Colorado constitution, concerning marriage, and, in connection therewith, specifying that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Colorado." Now, Colorado law already prohibits marriage between individuals of the same sex, so this was a completely useless amendment. However, it passed.

Referendum I - Domestic Partnerships. "Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes to authorize domestic partnerships, and, in connection therewith, enacting 'Colorado Domestic Partnership Benefits And Responsibilities Act' to extend to same-sex couples in a domestic partnership the benefits, protections, and responsibilities that are granted by Colorado law to spouses, providing the conditions under which a license for a domestic partnership may be issued and the criteria under which a domestic partnership may be dissolved, making provisions for implementation of the act, and providing that a domestic partnership is not a marriage, which consists of the union of one man and one woman?" Essentially, this is allowing same-sex partners to add one another to their insurance, depending on who has better coverage, and making sure the partner is considered to be immediate family in cases of emergency. Like it says at the end, this is NOT allowing same-sex marriage. It failed.

Denver is ranked in the top 20 in gay population per capita, but that won’t last long now. Somehow we elected a Democrat for Governor, but voted very conservatively on all other issues.


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