Tuesday, November 28, 2006

...And Where Were YOU?

In case you missed Freak Train last night, the lovely and talented Dejo is on it! Here's the video of my performance:



Bill Purdy said...

I was in San Juan, thank you.

And now, I am in awe. Amazing.

Derek Knight said...

I was doing things as mandated by the State of Colorado. But that was great...You just wait, when the traveling production of avenue Q comes to your town...YOU'RE ON STAGE!

DEJO said...

Don't forget there was another Bigfoot sighting at Freak Train! Catch him in the act here:

Bigfoot's Racist Rant

squatchyk said...

I am so sad we missed the live version. Very funny though. That is one of my favorite weird Al songs. Good work.

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