Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I know, I haven't touched my blog in a week, Bob Lob Law...

I'm not going to bitch about working too much again, because people I work with read this every now and then so that's not an excuse.

Annoyances of the week:

  • NBA pre-season highlights on ESPN SportsCenter? Please! Hello? Hockey!
  • I never saw Nancy Grace before, but I recently witnessed 2 shows making fun of her and read a scathing article from Stephen King in EW so I watched her tonight. Wow! She's like a stupid, over-generalizing Sandy Clough!
  • The Arizona Cardinals. Do I need to continue? Well, YES I DO! Their debacle on Monday night against Da Bayrz was simply hilarious! (In case you didn't see it, they gave up a 20 point lead in the fourht quarter without giving up an offensive toughdown - we're talking 2 fumble returns for touchdowns and a punt return for a touchdown followed by a missed game-winning field goal.) But the idiots did the same thing last week against the Chiefs! The issue there was - I was the ONLY one who picked them to win that game against the Chiefs! Without THAT meltdown, I would have EASILY won the week in the PAFC Pick 'Em! Then again, I am leading the whole thing. WTF?
  • Studio 60 is slipping in viewers and I'm afraid it's going to get cancelled. I love this show - my favorite on TV right now! The only hope is NBC has committed a TON of money into it, so they may just stick with it and hope they cut their losses.
  • The Miami Hurricanes should be booted from college football for 5 years - SMU their asses! Disgusting, pathetic, name it!
  • Remember when the Broncos could score points at will?
  • Remember when you could name more than 2 players on the Avs and they were selling out games and they could win?
  • Remember TV before ridiculous celebrity reality game show things? Is celebrity kangaroo boxing next? Like my boss said, there can't be that many famous kangaroos around!

Tetris anyone?

So, any ideas for Halloween? I'm thinking Pee Wee Herman - that was my goal when I joined LAWL at this time last year. I was even thinking of taking it to Freak Train and doing an interpretive dance to a Megadeth song dressed as Pee Wee Herman. Thoughts?


Squatchy said...

Wow I would have to agree with you. Sportcenter sucks! I hate pick um. I give up trying to win the damn thing. To think I kept thinking one week the low teams are going to upset. I just didn't know it was this week.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

Nancy Grace is a disgrace. Just another Pop culture news anchor with a voice so annoying my ear drums feel like exploding when I hear her speak. And I am being nice.

Football? Is that the sport with the Cheerleaders? That is the only reason to watch football.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Pat Angello - sorry!