Thursday, October 05, 2006


I got nuthin' really. Sorry, but the home life has been a little crazy, and the work life is extremely busy. Plus, hockey season has started and I'm still trying to write for 5 freakin' blogs! Such as:

Avs Fans
MVN - Hurricanes
MVN - Panthers
MVN - Blues
MVN - Coyotes

Now, if you want to write about any of the MVN teams I have, let me know! I seriously have no clue how I will be able to do them justice this season!

...And now for something completely different...

So, stupid me, sitting on the light rail today after attending a conference downtown, and trying to give the white trash sitting across from me the benefit of the doubt. Their English weren't too gud, and the younger one was holding a child not of their race - not that there's anything wrong with THAT. However, the conversation went:

Trashy Girl 1: So will she get to see her daddy for her birthday?
Trashy Girl 2: No, he won't be out by then.

Here's where I'm thinking, maybe dad is in the military and stationed in Iraq - doing something noble? Maybe he's traveling on business (HAHAHA!)?

Next thing I know, they are explaining to each other the difference between the federal and state penalty for the guns and drugs he was caught with. Suddenly I'm squirming. The majority of people on the light rail are simply not my crowd.

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