Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Average and the Ugly

I’ve been trying to watch way too much TV. Not sure if I’ve got too many shows recorded, or if I just have way too much going on right now. Hey, it's hard to blog after three 10-hour days - take what you can get!

Anyway, I’ve got this for ya:

Ugly Betty - ABC Thursdays

How can anything that involves Selma Hayek have the word ugly in the title? The spicy little hourglass is the producer of this new (to us) comedy from south of the border. America Ferrera plays Betty Suarez, a not so cute (but hardly ugly), awkward girl with braces who stumbles into her dream job of working for a fashion magazine. What Betty doesn’t know is how cutthroat the pompous freaks are that work for and with the magazine.

So far, it’s OK. The pilot is all I’ve seen, but I have the other 2 episodes recorded. Again, I think the dialogue is a little forced. There’s a bit of overacting as well, with the stereotypical gay people and snobby ex-models. Guh!

~O~O~o (For now, with 2 shows to redeem itself)

30 Rock - NBC Wednesdays

Speaking of so-so pilot episodes…

I love Tina Fey – LOVE her! She helped SNL get back on the map, and her film Mean Girls was a lot of fun. But this show certainly didn’t live up to the hype.

Tina writes and stars in this comedy that goes behind the scenes of an SNL type show, where she is the head writer and producer. A new exec comes to the network (Alec Baldwin), and forces her to hire a wacky, in-the-spotlight-for-all-the-wrong-reasons celebrity (Tracy Morgan). Despite a few fun lines, this was WEAK! I know, I need to give it more chances, but so far I'm disappointed.

~O~O (3 strikes and yer out, Tina)

I still have Friday Night Lights to watch, among many favorites that I just don’t have time to get to! I’m hoping for a quiet weekend to get caught up!

Anything y’all like?

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