Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Karma - FEH!

So there I was, half-way between giving my mother flowers (her cousin passed away and she wasn't able to go to the funeral, which really upset her) and moving a chair for my step-father-in-law (he had shoulder surgery and couldn't sleep in a bed - needed to sleep in a recliner) - in the midst of two good deeds! I know, it's a little shocking. Anyway, I was trying to turn right from Monaco onto Belleview, in a looonnnggg turning lane. There is a CRV in front of me, and she gets an opening and STARTS to go. I look over my left shoulder to see if anything is coming, take my foot off my brake, and BAM! She, um, didn't go. I did. My car is a little crushed, hers has, well, no visible damage. After being a complete biotch for 5 minutes, she just drove off! So I guess I'm lucky that I didn't get a ticket, but I'm a little pissed at myself for not paying better attention. And I'm a little miffed that she was so mean, and then just took off! Whatever - we exchanged contact info, and I had my insurance company call her to see it her car needed any repairs. I'm betting she backed it into a building really hard and totalled it just to piss me off!

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