Sunday, August 20, 2006

Viagrafest 2006!

Thursday evening I went to PetSmart to get a brand new bag of nummies for my daughter. (FYI, she gets REALLY excited over a "brand new bag" of nummies!) Anyway, I went to Park Meadows mall and as I was trying to escape the parking lot and get on the highway to head to dinner with some coworkers and a vendor who was in town, I noticed a Porsche 911 Carrera GT speeding through the maze of surrounding streets like he had to be somewhere. He inevitably got stuck behind a car to my right at a light coming out of the main parking lot. That car was a BMW 745il. Now, when the light turned, the B-mer started out a little slower than I did, so the Porsche got mad and jumped around him. These 2 lanes quickly merge into one as you head toward the light at County Line. The B-mer guy didn’t like that move at all, so the 2 $100K plus cars played chicken as the lanes closed together right behind me. Now the Porsche won this mini-battle of erectile dysfunction, and was rewarded with the glowing honor of being 17th instead of 18th in line to wait for the light to turn.

I was hoping it was over, but I got to play with Porsche boy even MORE! He HAD to pass me on the ramp to get on I-25, just so he could get to THAT light first. Woo – success! Anyway, the guy next to him at the light gave him a small run for the money when the light changed, but turbo wanker stomped on his gas pedal and I lost sight of him. Until…

I got off the highway at Belleview, which is about 5 miles down the road. As I pulled off and headed down the ramp to the light, the Porsche was one car in front of me! All of this hostility, and we’re still right next to each other!

Rich moron!


Heather said...

God I hate people like that. But I love playing with 'em. My Ion is surprisingly fast!

Collin said...

I've noticed that the only way someone who is speeding through traffic will gain anything is if they are very lucky with the lights. And even then you might catch up to them if their path doesn't change from yours.

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