Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thots For the Weekend

If you didn’t hear about this, last week there was a fatal accident right by my office. Some bonehead got high on something, and then led cops on a high-speed chase in Inverness. The chase lasted about 3 minutes as the guy took a turn too fast in the stolen car, hit a tree, and killed himself in the accident, as well as injuring the other druggy in the car with him. Apparently they took off because the car was stolen. My question is, if you’re going to steal a car, how messed up do you have to be for a 1997 Saturn to look good to you? I mean, wouldn’t a Mercedes be much more fun to steal? Heck, it might even take that corner at 80 MPH! That must have been some nasty stuff t make a ’97 Saturn look like a fun car! Trust me – I had one!

The only good reality TV on right now is fake reality TV. It makes me laugh that re-runs of CSI still kick the crap out of new reality TV in ratings. The new show on Comedy Central called Dog Bites Man is pretty damn funny:

Not like the unwatchable Blue Collar TV, but just damn funny fake reality TV. Comedy Central has this nailed, as Reno 911 gets better and better. Can they top a beret-wearing Pee Wee Herman as a whispering leader of the Citizen’s Brigade? Um, no! But this scene is pretty funny:

Speaking of brilliant, stay up late and listen to Craig Ferguson’s monologue tonight. Seriously, the guy is amazing! He pretty much wings it and can top anything that the other late night hosts can do:

I love me some Jimmy Kimmel, but this guy may have won me over!

Finally, there are some new PAFC contests coming! First, I’m about to hit 20,000 hits! If I can track the person who is my 20,000th visitor, they will win, um, SOMETHING! Also, it’s almost time for the PAFC Football Pick ‘Em!


PammyJean said...

Some of us have been on the Criag Ferguson bandwagon since his first day in the chair!

Yep -- funny, witty, just sarcastic enough, and a grrreat bit o' brogue, to boot. AND he'll be here in 2 weks, at Comedy Works. The CBB & I are going Friday at 10:00, if anyone wants to join us.

Derek Knight said...

I'm gonna visit like...Every half-hour.

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