Sunday, August 27, 2006

PAFC Pick ‘Em 2006 Sign Up!

It’s that time of year again – time for FOOTBALL! And Pat Angello is having another Pat Angello Fan Club (PAFC) Pick ‘Em Contest! It’s FREE to play, and I’m giving away all sorts of cool prizes to the top 3 finishers!

I’ve created the league on AM950 the Fan’s web site (because it was reliable last year) – here are the instructions to sign up:

Group Name: "PAFC"
Password: "patangello"

All you need to do is log on to the Fan Pick ‘Em 06 signup page. If you’ve already signed up to play The 2006 Fan Football Pick'Em, then all you need to do is sign on to your page and click the "Join A Group" link. Once there, you'll enter the above group name and password and you'll be in! You need to be a "Fan Insider" to play - it’s free to sign up and takes about 2 minutes. This is a straight pick 'em - no point spreads, no weighing games, just pick the winners each week! I'll try to post standings on a weekly basis here on the blogeroo.


If you are having any trouble signing up, email me at

So, what are you playing for other than bragging rights on the groups shout box? Last year some Canadian guy who calls himself "Dejo" won this thing and took home a custom PAFC t-shirt and a handful of CDs. We can’t let a Canadian win again - football is OUR sport! Let the guy win his curling pick 'em!

This year the stakes are higher as I’ve created the coolest PAFC prizes EVER:

First place finisher will get everything above - a metallic mini helmet with the PAFC logo on it, a custom PAFC ringer t-shirt, a copy of the latest and greatest PAFC mixed CD – More Cowbell, and a custom PAFC bumper sitcker!

Second place will get a micro helmet with the PAFC logo on it, a custom PAFC value t-shirt, a copy of More Cowbell, and a custom PAFC oval sticker.

Third place will get More Cowbell and a PAFC button.

So, you’re thinking these football helmets are damn cool, aren’t ya? Wanna know how I made them? Then go check out The Creation!

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DEJO said...

I'm just gonna say that I plan to win this thing again, so bring it on! Football is YOUR sport? Ha, there is football in Canada, too. And the CFL action is better! "Our balls are bigger!" :-D

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