Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Never Again!

I hate these things!

You all KNOW I hate these things!

In fact, when you email them to me, I NEVER respond, and it makes me chuckle when you list me as one of the people MOST likely to respond.

However, I've been tagged. Yup, ol' DLee at Red and Black Hockey tagged me and Bill. Hey, that means Bill might actually contribute to his own blog again! Seriously, he hasn't written anything since April 18th! For that, I'm in!

  1. Have you ever been in a fantasy league? YES! Back in the late 80's I had Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn on my fantasy porn team and I cleaned up, yo! OK, actually I have done a few fantasy hockey things and one fantasy football thing. I came in 3rd in the fantasy football thing, but it wasn't enough to make me want to do it again.
  2. What was the first sports jersey you ever owned. Jerseys? Hmmm - I think I have a few! The first was a black Elway jersey that was about 14 sizes too big. Not sure what posessed me to buy one that large, but I did anyway - just in case I needed pads underneath. However, my pride and joy is my homemade Broncos hockey jersey! My lovely wife just sewed on classic D-logo patches on the shoulders and it's as cool as poo!
  3. Top 5 sports books I don't read "sports books" either. I'veread "Now I Can Die In Peace" by Bill Simmons and some book about how to give the game back to the fans. Um, yeah - it's not working!
  4. 10 favorite athletes. How about a freaky throw-back:
    1. Jack Dolbin
    2. Monte Towe
    3. Tim Raines
    4. Rick Upchurch
    5. Steve Foley
    6. Dave Parker
    7. Doug Williams (Buc years, not Redskin years)
    8. Ricky Bell (no, the other one - see #7)
    9. Wes Chandler
    10. Ron Jeremy

  5. Three Athletes I secretly admire but am ashamed to admit it for fear of ridicule.
    1. Steve Yzerman
    2. Larry Walker
    3. Tim Brown

  6. Three people (outside family) you would pay to have coffee with
    1. Dave Mustaine
    2. Sam Rockwell
    3. Caroline Rhea

      What? I'm not out to save the world! I want to be entertained for coffee.

  7. One Thing You Could Change if you Could. My freaky second toe - it looks like an alien head. Again, I'm not out to change the world...
Oh, so now I have to tag 2 others! I say the cute little couple Pamjolina and Dejo! Yep, Dejo has a BLOG now. Here's an excuse to put something on it.

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