Sunday, August 06, 2006

I Think It’s Spanish For Fighting Chicken

It was a good weekend – really. My wife and I have been searching for a house, and we were pretty well set on buying something brand new – even building, because we have time. We fell in love with an area called Idyllwild in the spring, and this weekend was the nail in the coffin. We REALLY want to live there!

The area is beautiful, you can see for miles – all the way to Boulder from Parker! There are tons of nature trails and a really cool community center with a sweet pool, game room, banquet room, and an observation deck. The place is absolutely gorgeous, and we’re going to get there somehow, someway!

It was a wacky movie weekend as well! We watched a few from Netflix, and went to see one as well. Heck – we even rented a few from Blockbuster!

Friday night we watched the Pathetic Fantastic 4. Honestly, this was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Even Jessica Alba in her bra and panties couldn’t save this film! I almost turned the thing off 3 times, because I really didn’t care how it ended. But I decided I’d sit through it, and they even set it up for a sequel! I’ll pass. How come X-Men and Spiderman are such great franchises with decent scripts, but the other comic book movies suck ass? I swear, there were more bad one-liners in this film than a Henny Youngman routine. Not even worth renting!

Now, maybe because we watched it right after the crappy F4, but we really enjoyed a film called Happiness. Um, I certainly don’t know anyone I would recommend this film to, but I’ll give you the low down (Billy can chime in) and let you decide for yourself. Happiness is an extremely dark comedy from the director of Welcome to the Dollhouse. The characters are anything but happy, yet you are compelled by their situations. A male psycho therapist who has an thing for young boys, a hippie chick who just wants to do good for people yet she constantly gets herself into difficult and depressing situations, a successful writer who is a complete fraud but nobody knows it, and a horny nerd who is scared of women but loves to make obscene phone calls. OK, there are a few more characters involved, but this should be plenty to either intrigue or disgust you. I think you should see the film simply for the incredible performances by the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jane Adams, Lara Flynn Boyle, Dylan Baker, Camryn Manheim, Cynthia Stevenson, and a young Rufus Read. The creepy and painful scene where Baker has to explain to his son (Read) why he raped the kid’s 11-year-old friend is absolutely jaw-dropping. This film will disturb you, and somehow make you laugh. It is certainly effed up, but one of the finer films I’ve ever seen with an incredible screen play.

Also, we went to see Talladega Nights – the Ballad of Ricky Bobby on Saturday night. Dude, this is just plain dumb funny. Will Ferrell pretty much redeemed himself for Kicking and Screaming with this movie, a redneck look at, um, rednecks. You pretty much know what to expect from the previews, and it delivers on all stupid levels. Loved it!

OK, gotta run – I’ve got some movies to watch!


Collin said...

"Happiness" is certainly a film you won't soon forget.

Derek Knight said...

I need to see that...I've heard good things.

That's awesome re: the new house. Good luck!

Pat Angello said...

It's not quite the 'Burbs!

Oh, and good luck to Collin on the house hunt! He's a lot closer to buying right now than we are. But soon, baby - SOON!

Pat Angello said...
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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I want to see the ferrell movie; I never had any interest in the 4 movie, but I do like seeing Jessica Alba in her bra and panties

Heather said...

I've heard about Happiness. Collin keeps telling me I need to see it...

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